The Kids are Off: Kheri's Trip Diary Day Two

Posted by Kheri on March 6, 2011

The kids are on a mission!

The little taste of Park City skiing yesterday was not enough. With the two hour time change from the East Coast, they were up at 6 am asking when they should get dressed for skiing. Today we had all three children in ski school. The older two were in the Signature 5 program - 5 kids to 1 instructor. You've got to love it! And my 5 year old was in the Signature 3 program which meant even fewer kids per instructor for the younger ones. It’s great how the programs are tailored for their ages. My older two were on the mountain all day while the little one had about three hours on the mountain mixed in with some play time.

kheri-day-two (kheri-day-two)

While they were in ski school, it was time for hubby and me to hit the slopes.  Well, first we hit the Corner Store. A great place on the plaza to grab a cup of coffee and a good breakfast, just steps from the lift. Then we hit the slopes. The sun was shinning, the snow was soft, what a beautiful day!  The best thing about today is when we picked up our kids from ski school, they all were smiling from ear to ear, loving the day they had. And with time for a family run from the top, it was amazing to see the progress they made it one day.

Let's see what tomorrow brings,....


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