Getting Here: Kheri's Trip Diary Day One

Posted by Kheri on March 5, 2011

"I'm here! It took a little longer than expected but we made it!

We were supposed to leave New York Monday morning on a 9am flight through Detroit.  Yes, a connecting flight, I didn't book early enough to get a direct flight, a big mistake!  The plane from NY was delayed 3 hours because of snow which meant by the time we would have gotten to Detroit, our connecting flight was long gone!

So, we asked the airline if the would rebook us on a direct flight out Tuesday morning and they did! It's amazing what the airlines will do when weather is the cause of delays. The kids weren't thrilled to be missing a day of skiing so I promised we would ski on Tuesday, the day we arrived.

kheri-day-1 (kheri-day-1)

Today's travel went off without a hitch. We even landed 50 minutes early at 1pm! Now, we needed to get the rental car and get on the road if I was going to keep my promise of skiing today. The rental car setup is great--no busses to take, just walk across the road and we were there and a half hour after we landed, we were loaded up and on the road. Forty five minutes later, we pulled up to our condo, changed clothes and headed to the mountain. We made it! We were skiing by 3:30 pm and skied until 5:30, taking advantage of the night time skiing. We are so glad to be back in Park City!


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