Get Ready For Your First Turn

Posted by Kheri on January 6, 2011

With a trip to Park City coming up quickly, I needed to get ready.  Being ready for winter and being ready to ski are two very different things.    There are several things I do every season to prepare, starting about two weeks ahead of my trip, to make those first days on the slopes more enjoyable.

kheri-first-turns (kheri-first-turns)1. Get the muscles moving. Being in “decent shape” and being ready to ski aren’t too far apart. When you ski, so much of the movement is done with your core. I start with simple stomach crunches.  Aim for 25 a day.

2. Try to do some type of cardio every day. I’ll run, walk, use the elliptical machine, Thirty minutes is enough to help on that first day.

3. Check the snow report and weather. Conditions can vary greatly, especially early and late in the season. Make sure you’ve got goggles in case it snows  and enough layers to keep you warm.

4. Dust off the gear. I wish I was that mom who puts everything in one labeled container at the end of the season, but I’m not.  The weekend before a trip is a good time to make sure everyone has enough ski socks, hand warmers, and everything else they’ll need.

No worries if you are aching after that first day.  I firmly believe that hitting the hot tub will fix any problems that may arise.  Happy skiing!


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