Ski Tracks: Kelly's Trip Diary Day Two

Posted by Kelly on February 25, 2011

I LOVE {in a big, pink, puffy heart kinda way} the SKI TRACKS iPhone App! I honestly don’t know how I ever lived without this must-have .99 cent app! I spent all day playing with it on the mountain, & honestly can’t get enough of it!

It runs in the background (supposedly meaning it doesn’t drain your battery), but it doesn’t require cell phone service - so, even if you can’t make or receive calls, your phone is still tracking where you ski or snowboard.

So what exactly does it do? With the magic of GPS, SKI TRACKS is able to track and record your every move on the mountain. Using “special algorithms” SKI TRACKS accurately measures & calculates your speed, slope angle, ski vertical, max altitude and  total mileage (it even factors out your lift mileage, giving you an accurate accounting of the actual miles YOU ski or snowboard.)

The “front screen” will always provide you with a at-a-glance summary of your entire day (although I have to say I don’t think the speed is entirely accurate.)

ski-tracks (ski-tracks)

But that’s not all - there is so much more to SKI TRACKS, especially for your inner-nerd. Sure the quick at-a-glance stats are fun. But SKI TRACKS even takes it a step or two further...

SKI TRACKS even keeps track of each and every individual run, including such specifics as maximum speed, average speed, total distance, ski vertical, start altitude, finish altitude, maximum slope and  duration.

ski-run (ski-run)

As you ride, it maps out every run you take on a handy-dandy google map. Which you can even export!

ski-map (ski-map)

At  the end of the day you can save all your information, so you can come back, view it later, compare it to other days on the mountain, or simply re-live it all again... run-by-run.

If you spend any time on the mountain this year, you definitely NEED the SKI TRACKS app. It does all this and so much more!



Comment posted by Steve Wilson on January 16, 2012 2:40 AM MST

Thank you Kelly for your kind words and comments regarding Ski Tracks. I'm the lead developer on the project so it great to hear such good feedback...

Just to let you know Utah is one of our main testing areas for Ski Tracks. In fact we will be out testing in Park City next month for two weeks... Should be fun.

Thanks again


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Response posted by kelly on January 20, 2012 12:30 PM MST

Steve - you guys really have created something special! I love it. If you ever need a beta-tester, I'm your girl!


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