Remembering the Good Times

Posted by Kelly on March 26, 2011

One of the reasons I LOVE our winter ski vacations is because I believe they make us stronger as a family.  Yep!  Cheesy as that may sound, our family ski vacations definitely have created this wonderful, tight-knit bond that we share.

Some of my most favorite family memories revolve around the mountain and I don’t want to forget those special times. I’ve realized how important it is to capture these memories – especially  through the eyes of our children.

remember-the-good-times (remember-the-good-times)

So I’ve created these quick and easy journal prompts, perfect for my kiddos. I print out one for each child, for each day of our rip. After a day on the mountain, we wind down by drawing pictures and answering questions such as “I rode the lift ___ times.”

Print out the prompts or develop your own and take them along with you. Use them afterwards to record your family’s favorite stories and memories from your trip. To download all 3 printable pages of my snow trip journal prompts (including the instructions) go HERE.


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