Mountain Biking in Park City

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by Kelly on July 10, 2014

Ever had the summer-time blues? You know, after all the snow has melted & you realize it will be months before you can carve down the mountainside, hitting the bumps, in search of the perfect tree run or maybe even a little untouched powder?

mountain-biking-kelly (mountain-biking-kelly)

While the lack of snow does mean that you have to hang up your skis or board for another year. It doesn't mean you can't quench your need for speed. If you like skiing or snowboarding at Park City Mountain Resort during the winter, you are going to LOVE mountain biking there during the summer.

As you can imagine, Park City Mountain Resort has a HUGE selection of mountain biking (and  hiking) trails available all summer long. (Rumor has it the mountains surrounding Park City offer over 400 miles of public trails!) The best part: There's something for everyone... from the never-ever mountain biker to the high-adventured-expert.

Ready to get dirty? Bring your own bike and  helmet (at the Park City base, or in town) and get ready to ride. Luckily for you, Park City Mountain Resort is willing to do all the hard work for you.

During the summer, you can ride the lifts up and quench your need for speed on the way back down! Single lift rides are available for $12, all-day passes are $21 - but if you are a full or mid-week season pass holder you can ride for free all summer long. (Be sure to grab a trail map, there are lots of intersecting trails. But don't worry - if you ever get lost, just point your bike down... you'll sure to end up at the resort.) Although, if you really want a workout, start at the bottom and ride your way to the top for free.

Apply your sunscreen, pack a snack & bring along some water... pretty soon, you will once again be "riding" Park City. Check out some of my favorite trails in & around Park City Mountain Resort:

Beaver Creek Trail (4.5 miles, technical difficulty: easy)
Lost Prospector Loop (7.8 mile loop, technical difficulty: easy-intermediate)
Park City Town Loop (7 miles, technical difficulty: intermediate)
Mid Mountain Trail (11.3 - 22 miles depending on which route you choose, technical difficulty: upper-intermediate)
Shadow Lake Loop (15 miles, technical difficulty: difficult)
Steps Trail (6.2 miles, extreme)

p.s. Don't tell anyone, but riding Park City Mountain Resort may be even more exhilarating than riding there during the winter! (A lot warmer too.)


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