Lunch on the Mountain: Kelly's Trip Diary Day 4

Posted by Kelly on February 28, 2011

I just spent four incredible days on the mountain at Park City Mountain Resort. I spent my days making powder turns, doing tree runs, taking “first tracks” with my kids and exploring all five “adventure alley’s” (right now, TNT is my favorite).

But one of the highlights of my trip didn’t require any snow, although strapping on my snowboard was involved... that’s right, not only did I spend four days riding the mountain, I spent four days eating my way through the mountain.

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite parts about skiing and snowboarding is LUNCH on the mountain. Next time you’re hitting the slopes at Park City Mountain Resort, I definitely recommend the following yumminess:

Summit House: Sweet Potato Fries

summit-house (summit-house)

Mid-Mountain Lodge: Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Tomato or  Meatball Sandwich with homemade chips, or any of the Home-made Soups

mid-mountain (mid-mountain)

The Legacy Cafe: Hand-cut French Fries and fry sauce, the Salad Bar (it’s ginormous) and any of their Daily Specials

legacy-cafe (legacy-cafe)

Legends Bar & Grill: Legends Burger, Chicken or Ahi Nachos

legends (legends)

Cobra Dogs: Cheddaconda Dog served “Cobra Style”

cobra-dog (cobra-dog)

 Don’t forget the Hot Chocolate. All of the “on-mountain” Lodges and The Legacy Cafe serve Hot Chocolate out of a machine. While totally unexpected, it’s rich and  extremely creamy. Yum!

hot-chocolate (hot-chocolate)

There you have it. My can’t-miss-must-eat list fabulous foodie favorites on the mountain at Park City Mountain Resort. The next your there I dare you to “eat your way through the mountain.”


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