Kids Signature 3 Program: Kelly's Trip Diary Day 3

Posted by Kelly on February 26, 2011

My boys have been snowboarding since they could practically walk literally (they started at 13 and 16 months). But when it came time to enroll them in ski and snowboard school, skiing was the only option (because they weren’t old enough for snowboard school).

Boys in Signature 3 Program (boys-in-sig-3)
photos via Rossmiller Photography

I was a bit worried that having two skis strapped to their feet, instead of one board, might be too much for them, even frustrating. Boy was I wrong!

It’s absolutely AMAZING what a few simple ski lessons can do. After attending the Park City Mountain Resort’s Kids Signature 3 Program my boys are definitely skiing. They’ve graduated from the “magic carpet” and are actually riding lifts, hitting “bumps” & looking for powder.  Definitely gives a whole new meaning to the term "first tracks."

More than that though, they can pretty much keep up with me on the mountain (I guess that doesn’t say much about my own ability). Have I mentioned that they’ve already taught me a thing or too? Here’s Gavin giving me a lesson in how to approach tree runs.


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