WHAT? Even Grandmas should wear helmets?

Kelly B
Posted by Kelly B on January 25, 2013

I'll admit I have never worn a helmet on the slopes but that attitude has changed.

 Cons (Excuses) –

1.    I’ve lived this long without a helmet!
2.    They are just another expense.
3.    I might ski too aggressively if I wear a helmet (just dreaming).

Pros – (Besides the fact it may save me from injury or death.)

1.    Keeps your head and ears toasty warm.
2.    You don’t get “hat hair” – unbelievable but true.
3.    It’s not MY ability I am concerned about . . . it’s the other skiers and boarders on the hill.
4.    You can get a screamin’ good deal if you go with last year’s model – I went with the Smith brand Voyage model, with the soft fuzzy liner for $54.00 at Levelnine Sports in Salt Lake City.
5.    Last, but not least, I am being a good example to my grown kids and grandkids. As 8-year-old Brock stated “Nana, isn’t your head worth $54.00?”

OK – last week was my first day on the slopes wearing a helmet . . . all the pros won out. I loved wearing a helmet in the 10-degree weather, yes that was TEN DEGREES! My ears have never been so warm. It was light weight and very comfortable. I felt safe. I don’t know why I have waited so long, it took the snowmamas and grandkids to get me going.


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