8 Tips for Vacationing with the Grandkids

Kelly B
Posted by Kelly B on November 29, 2013


Traveling and vacationing with grandkids can be a dream or a nightmare. My husband Danny and I have learned much and are continuing to learn from our own parent’s examples and from the parents of friends. We hope to keep our adult children looking forward to multi generational holidays.  Grandparents have a special role – you can be their biggest cheerleaders and also the givers of unconditional love.

  • First, remember, rarely does everything go as planned, if it actually does, count that as a bonus! Leave those expectations home.
  • Respect the parent's rules – don’t insist on doing things your way, there is more than one “right way” to do things.
  • Don’t expect to be the center of attention and have all plans made for your convenience. Be flexible and remember, especially older grandkids really would rather be with friends sometimes.
  • Look for the good and complement both parents and grandkids - even “constructive criticism” is seldom constructive.  Smile and be happy!
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to stay back and babysit while the other adults have a fun night out- those are some of the most fun nights I get to have with the kids.
  • Give advice only when asked, learning to keep that mouth shut can go a long way. (I know, this is so hard, don’t they need to know everything we know?)
  • Hey, grandparents are human and you will say or do the wrong thing occasionally. Ask for forgiveness and keep trying.
  • Make whatever happens an “adventure” – some of the best family stories started out as a nightmare!

Happy Nana

What else would you add to the list? Parents and grandparents, please share your thoughts.


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