Skiing/Riding is Not Just For the Young Folk!

Kelly B
Posted by Kelly B on March 19, 2013


 Skiing (Snowboarding included, but I am a skier so will write from that perspective) is an incredible sport that involves physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of wellness.  Skiing combines the great outdoor air with physical activity, some sunshine exposure and plenty of stories and laughter. What a great way to keep “old age thinking” from creeping in. Here are some benefits to skiing/riding:

  • Many individuals, especially those that have never skied before, may not realize how much brain power goes into the sport. Skiing involves quite a bit of balance and coordination. There are so many slight movements and positions of your body that you must be conscious of to ski well. The more you ski the more you strengthen your ability to be aware of the movement of your body parts. This is important because this brain function weakens with age so the more you do the less it will diminish.
  • Skiing prevents aging in more ways than that though. Your knees and muscles may ache a little more, but they are being strengthened when you ski/ride. When you ski you carry the weight of your entire body on your feet. Your knees are the joints that endure that weight.  This is great news for those that have been skiing for many years; you’ve been strengthening those joints and making an injury later in life less likely the whole time. In addition to strengthening your knees, your bones become stronger as well because skiing is a weight-bearing activity. Skiing is also a great way to get some moderate aerobic activity into your day. For most people, skiing is an all-day event, so you can imagine the workout your heart is getting without you even becoming winded.
  • So not only are you having a fantastic time gliding down the slopes, but you are preventing knee damage, osteoporosis and increasing your brain power.
  • It is hardly necessary to mention the social aspect of skiing, the benefits of having great fun and bonding with your family and friends will last through the generations. Did I mention grandkids??

    A zest for life is one of the most important examples a grandparent can pass on to their grandchildren

  • It’s never hard to get my grown-up kids to come spend the day with me--knowing I’m buying lunch doesn’t hurt either! Add a whole group of close friends that all share the same love for skiing, and you’ve got one heck of a good day.  So not only do you have a great group of people having a fantastic time; you’ve got a motivational team that encourages you to get off the couch in the winter and get your heart pumping all day!  

    I may be over the hill – but I’m lovin it!


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Comment posted by Larry on March 29, 2013 6:22 AM MDT

Too true... I am 68 and still skiing 4 weeks a year! Keeps you feeling young and as long as you look after your knees you should have no problems!

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Comment posted by Sandi on March 20, 2013 7:06 AM MDT

You're the grooviest "Over the Hill" Nana I know! It's GREAT to be GROOVY! Great article.....keep 'em coming Snownana!!

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