Trip Diary: Ski, Swim, Eat and Sleep

Kelly B
Posted by Kelly B on December 5, 2013

Papa & Nana with the Grands

Scheduling a time that works for three families and working adults is a task all on its own, but definately worth all the effort.  Living in Utah and close enough to drive just an hour to most ski resorts, staying on location in Park City at the beautiful and spacious condo at the Silver Star was something my family hopes to do again.

  • TIP- To make the meal time less of a burden, each family was assigned a day to plan and prepare the breakfast and dinner menu (we ate lunch on the mountain) – everyone helped with cleanup and this worked out great.

Wednesday evening our group from out of state arrived and we were able to go to Park City Rentals and get everyone outfitted before they closed at 9 p.m. Back to the condo for games and swimming until the pool closed!


After a quick but good night’s rest and a delicious breakfast of Belgian waffles (of course made ahead of time and heated up in the toaster oven), and fruit, we made it out the door in the nick of time.  Emma and Brock made it to their Signature 5 class just on time, seeing the excitement of her older sister and brother helped ease the drop off of 5-year-old Kayla for her first ever “official” lesson with the Signature 3 group. 

With Grandpa Dan having a lesson later that day at 1 p.m., he offered to take the morning with baby Zac.  The rest of the seasoned skiers were off for a fabulous spring ski day without little ones, something my daughter and husband haven’t done for a couple of years.

After a full day of skiing nothing beats swimming and soaking in the hot tub. Dinner was Nana's famous lasagne and salad.  That night as I was helping get the little ones to bed I asked “what was your favorite part of today?”

Emma – “Skiing with kids older than me”
Brock – “Going through Adventure Alley” of course.
Kayla – “Lunch and going back to swim at the condo.”  "What about skiing?" I ask.  She replies, “I like to ski in pizzas but my teacher wanted me to ski French fries and I went too fast.  I am NOT going tomorrow.”


The family awakes to the smell of “Everybody’s Favorite Breakfast Casserole” and one little 5 year old with attitude. It took a little smooth talking by her dad, quick hands of her mom to get out the door on time and a little bribe or two from Nana. It was agreed to give it one more chance. We had another bluebird day. I even met up with some very nice folks from Australia at the Snowmama Meet up!  One of the best parts of the day was Kayla loved her new teacher and couldn’t wait to show off her new learned ski techniques.  After another evening of swimming and a fabulous dinner of Molly's Chicken Lime Burritos we decided to roast marshmallows out on the deck and make s’mores. The moon was bright and it was a beautiful night, great for talking and telling stories.  Yes, life is good.


The Entire Family Ski Day – It was so fun to get out and see what the kids and Grandpa have been learning in their lessons.  This made my day and the whole ski year! Thank you Park City Mountain Resort. We had a wonderful time. The kids chanted “Ski, Swim, Eat and Sleep” all the way down the canyon on our way home. One last night togther with Charlie and Angie's homemade pizza.


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