Grandpa Dan Learns to Ski with the StartNow Program

Kelly B
Posted by Kelly B on February 28, 2013


First, a little history from Kelly:

Thirty five years ago, I thought I could easily get my Southern California born and raised surfer to see the wonders and fun of skiing in Utah. Here is how that played out. After rounding up borrowed, ill-fitting equipment from brothers and friends, we hit the slopes with my family, my mom included. My instructions – “Keep your skis in a pizza shape to turn and slow down. You’ll get it. Just ski with my mom for a few runs and I will be right back.” As you can guess this didn’t turn out well. In fact, that was the start and end of skiing for Danny. He was happy to let skiing be my thing with the kids. Oh if I could have a 'do over'!

So what made Danny agree to give it another try?

Danny:   I had secretly wanted to be a skier and now with Kelly involved with Snowmamas, I learned about the StartNow Program (see Krista’s Blog) and seeing how excited the kids were about me giving a go at skiing again, it sounded like something I really needed to do.

What have your lessons been like?

Danny: I was so surprised that there were so many adults in my same circumstance – moms and dads that didn’t ski, that had spouses and kids that did. Our instructor immediately made us feel we were in the right place to learn at our own pace. No pressure, just encouragement and good instruction all the way down the hill.

What do you like best about the instructors you’ve had?

Danny: First of all, I noticed how they start teaching before you even get your skis on.  In fact, I learned lots of little tricks – including advice on getting your skis on easier to the intricacies of standing in the lift line. Little things that seasoned skiers don’t even think twice about! I like how they are always teaching, even on the lift, for instance, about how moguls are made and where the best place to eat lunch is.  They build you up and give you instructions that make sense, no emotional issues of learning with a girlfriend or spouse or mother-in- law! 

Most of all, their friendliness and customer service – they instilled confidence that I could learn to ski and keep improving. At the end of the day you get a hug and they tell YOU how they appreciated having the opportunity to teach. Even in the cold and snow I always looked forward to the next lesson. Having finished the five lessons in the StartNow Program, I am confident enough to ski with my grandkids and have the fun I missed learning with my own children.

A special thanks to MY instructors: Leslie Moss and Rina Slade, two of Park City Mountain Resort’s finest!



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