Keep the Family Fun Going after the Slopes

Kelly B
Posted by Kelly B on December 31, 2012

It doesn’t have to be complicated but with a little effort and planning you can build lifetime funny, lasting memories. Here are some of our favorites;

Nana's always good for a game or two (game-night) 

Card games - (Easy to pack for travel)
·    Slide 5 - players arrange cards to build “snow hills,” once a hill gets 5 cards, the 6th card will cause an “avalanche”. Ages 5 and up. Playing time 30 min.
·    Fluxx – the ever-changing game.  All versions are fun and Family Fluxx is good to start. A family favorite is the Monte Python version. Fast playing. Ages 6 – Adult
·    Set – Educational and extremely fun. Not dependant on age or reading ability. Groups of all ages can play together. A Menza Select makes your head think.
·    5 Crowns – Young people (and the young at heart) love this game. Has an original game play but uses skills from old favorites like Hearts and Rummy. Fast-paced for ages 10 and up.


Happy kids (kids-having-fun)
·    Gulo Gulo – Fun game you won’t have to help your kids win! Little fingers are more adapt. No reading skills, merely color identification. Quick and fun.
·    Hey, That’s My Fish – (for adults too) – Great family game – Players try to catch as many fish as possible with their waddle of penguins. Ages 5 and up. Playing time 20 minutes.

Easy to play
·    Tsuro – Simple to play, very hard to master – easy to take this game anywhere. Fast, strategic and a mind bender. 2- 8 players. Ages 6 and up.
·    Cartagena – I think of this as Candy Land on steroids!  This has pirates escaping through underground passages – only to be sideswipped and having to figure out a new way. Ages 8 and up.
·    10 Days in Africa (or the USA, Europe, The Americas) there are different versions. A family favorite!  Fast playing and a very fun way to learn geography. Ages 10 and up.

"OK just one more time" (games)

Party Games – When you travel with another family
·    Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow – My grandkids absolute favorite group game! Players are secretly assigned a role – a werewolf, a villager, a seer - Guessing who did it.
·    Apples to Apples – Another family favorite. Lots of laughing and silly fun.
·    Reverse Charades – A fun twist on a classic game- the entire team has 60 seconds to act out as many words as one team member can guess.
·    Wits and Wagers - Wits & Wagers is a trivia game that lets you bet on anyone’s answer. So you can win by making educated guesses, by playing the odds, or by knowing the interests of your friends. It can be taught in 2 minutes, played in 25 minutes, and accommodates up to 20 people in teams. Ages 10 and up.


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