Tips for Happy Helmet Wearing

Posted by Katja on February 11, 2011

pink-ski-helmet-kids (pink-ski-helmet-kids)Sure your kids need to wear a helmet on the slopes for safety. Park City Mountain Resort now requires them in their ski school.

The key is to make the kids proud and excited to be helmet wearers.  

Most important tip is the first one – wear one yourself too. I know what you are thinking, especially if consider yourself a skilled skier or snowboarder. I  never wore a ski helmet either when I was a kid. I didn’t use a bike helmet either nor did my parents use a car seat.  

snowmamas-ski-helmet (snowmamas-ski-helmet)We wouldn’t even think of driving anywhere without our babies buckled in car seats but, there is still a lot to be done about sports safety, including to snow sports. The death of Natasha Richardson from a head injury in a skiing accident that occurred on a beginner slope when she wasn’t wearing a helmet has raised a lot of awareness about the subject. While fatal ski accidents are rare, I wouldn’t take a risk of skiing without a helmet, the same way as I wouldn’t not drive without a seat belt.


1. Be an example and wear a ski helmet. Wearing a ski helmet isn’t an option, it’s mandatory. If you think wearing a ski helmet is uncool – how could your kid thing it’s cool? Get excited about your helmet, and your child will get excited about hers/his too.

2. Point out pros and instructors who wear helmets and tell the kids wearing one is the sign of a serious skier.  If your child wants to look like pro – wear a helmet!  When you are on the slope, point out teenagers and cool snowboarders who are wearing helmets.  Chat up a teen on the lift line who is wearing a helmet and compliment his choice of head gear. Point out to your child how “cool” the teen looks. Many teens like being considered a role model for younger children and if you are lucky, will tell your child why they choose to wear a helmet.

ski-helmet-tips (ski-helmet-tips)3. Get the dream helmet. While cheaper helmets might give the same protection – buy the helmet your child likes the best.  

A piece of ski gear that might save your child’s life or prevent serious injury is worth every penny. And the more your child  likes the helmet, the more likely she/he is going to be wearing it.

4. Pay attention to fit. Purchase a helmet that fits properly, is lightweight and comfortable.  Make sure a hat can fit under the helmet for cold days.

5. Let your child to decorate the ski helmet with stickers.  They can be great souvenirs from different resorts. Sometimes such a small thing to us can be such a big deal for the kids.


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