Katja's Trip Diary Day Two

Posted by Katja on April 2, 2011

It was April Fool’s Day on our second day of skiing, but there was no fooling around in the morning when we woke up.  

All three of the kids were up, teeth brushed and eating breakfast before I was even done checking my Facebook messages. There was no talk about going back to Main Street for huge plates of pancakes, nor fighting who gets to eat which cereal – it was all working like a well oiled machine this morning, because sun was up, and there was snow to be skied on, and ski school was starting soon.

katja-day-two-son (katja-day-two-son)

We had left our skis at the valet at the mountain base the night before, so it was easy. The kids put on their ski boots and we drove over to the Park City Mountain Resort where we parked and picked up our skis from the ski valet, right next to the ski school area. The valet is $5 per pair of skis--worth the money to prevent kids (and moms) from being tired just from schlepping their skis.

Park City’s altitude is 6,900 feet at the base and we are used to being at sea level and are still feeling the difference today. I dropped the kids at the ski school, and was sort of sad – they didn’t even look back, and there I was, all alone.

I headed to Kristi’s at the Legacy Lodge where soon I met up with lovely Snowmama Linda who lives in Park City. We had such a great time catching up on life over a morning cup of coffee, and then joined another local Snowmama Jennifer and her husband already skiing .

I told them I wanted to take it easy… and we did. The snow was quite different from yesterday’s conditions. We only skied yesterday afternoon and the snow was soft like butter, but a little wet, making it sticky. This morning it was groomed and crunchy, but got softer as the day progressed and the temperature soared-so warm that in the afternoon we saw people people skiing in bathing suits and shorts!

day-two-katja (day-two-katja)

No joke. Since it was April Fool’s Day, it was an unofficial “clown day” at the resort, but it was pretty much everything else too. I may have spotted a skiing dog yesterday, but today the entire circus was out, including the concession stand, because I even saw a skiing hot dog, right after the 80’s-style freestyle skier, the golfer (who used golf clubs instead of ski poles, and was naturally skiing in golf shorts) and the mouse.

The skiing was awesome today. Thanks to Linda for showing me all of her favorite trails, including a few black diamonds, which I normally don’t ski at all. I didn’t do them too well, my legs felt like spaghetti and not even al dente, but little over cooked… but I did it. And the sense of accomplishment is pretty cool.

We ended the day with cold drinks at the Pig Pen Saloon watching the carnival of oddly dressed skiers having the time of their lives.

At 3 pm, I picked up kids from the ski school and I was expecting them to be totally beat, but the first thing I heard was  “Mommy, can we now ski a few runs with you”. Well, this Snowmama was beat and ready for hot tub!

After soaking in the hot tub we had a party at the ski lodge. Linda and her daughter came over, and we ordered take out from Good Karma with its excellent Indo-Persian food.  We ordered the food on phone and Linda picked it up – I highly recommend it for a visit, but if you are tired after the day of skiing, takeout works as well!

Thank you Linda for an amazing day and even more amazing company!


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