Katja's Trip Diary Day Three

Posted by Katja on April 3, 2011

We were on a good ski trip routine this morning.

Everyone got up early, and got ready for the day with one mission in mind: Get some skiing done!  The three kids were excited for another day at ski school, and I was excited to test my limits on the mountain, alone. Same as yesterday – the kids barely said goodbye when I dropped them off at the ski school, they were ready to go.

pretty-katja (pretty-katja)

I am letting you in on a secret; I am scared of heights. People find it ironic because I love to ski, and my husband is a helicopter pilot (and I am terrified of flying in a helicopter). But that’s one of the reasons why skiing feels like such an accomplishment for me, because I am proud of myself just when I am able to make it up the ski lift, especially when I am able to sit on a ski lift alone with no bar down. It may seem like small thing for you, but to me – going up the mountain is already an accomplishment.  When you think that just getting up can be an accomplishment and you can be proud of yourself (or your child) for making it that far – coming down is just the icing on the cake.

I am telling you this because today I was only able to ski for three hours, and after that my knees were hurting and muscles burning and I had to quit. I was afraid that if I keep pushing myself more, I would l get hurt. I was sad to stop skiing around noon, but then I thought about it – why beat myself for it. I DID ski, and I tested my limits, and succeeded!

report-card (report-card)

I came back to the condo, took a long bath, and enjoyed some quiet time before picking up kids from ski school. They were excited about their day, and proudly showed their ski school booklets with the trails they had skied. We all were tired but happy.

We decided to stay in and relax, watching the Nickelodeon Kids’s Choice Awards on TV. The kids had been talking about it for the entire week.  It was great to spend time with my kids.

We are still trying to decide whether they all want to go to the ski school tomorrow or not. They love the school, but at the same time, we came here to spend time together, and we might just do that tomorrow instead.


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