Arrival: Katja's Trip Diary Day One

Posted by Katja on April 1, 2011

I decided to take three kids, aged 8, 9 and 11 for a ski trip on my own, without my husband. This is the first ever trip I have done alone with the kids, and we were all pretty excited, even though bummed that Daddy was not traveling with us. It certainly was going to be a different kind of trip without my husband.

We arrived to Park City late last night, and after navigating from the airport to Park City in a rental car, we were greeted by the friendly staff at Silver Star at Park City.

The kids’ first question:” Is there a Jacuzzi?”

Like all of the units at the Silver Star, we i had a steaming hot tub on the patio overlooking the mountains. It was very tempting to jump in, but we were exhausted from traveling. We had hard time falling a sleep though – it felt like the Christmas night, that’s how excited we were about the trip.

katja-day-1-kids-skiing (katja-day-1-kids-skiing)

We got up early-- 5 am local time. I heard the “Can we already go skiing??” before 6 AM, and realized there was no use trying to get these kids to sleep longer, so we might as well get up.

We hadn’t eaten anything but some snack bars (Traveling tip: always have snacks with you!) since lunch time on our layover yesterday, so I knew we needed a mega-sized breakfast, so we headed to Main Street to get one.

We had breakfast at Morning Ray Cafe (255 Main Street, Park City) and truly filled up our tummies. Both the Pancake and French Toast Combos are huge, and there is enough to eat for two kids, but we of course didn’t know it until we had ordered them for everyone. The breakfast was $56 with tip, which may seem high for four of us, but it was worth every penny. Talk about getting a good start for your day.

I knew that the first day of skiing is always the most tiring, especially when you come from East Coast and are trying to get used to the altitude in Park City, so I wanted to be prepared for the evening by going to grocery store before we headed up the mountain. We stocked up on berries, fruit, cereal, sandwich fixings and shrimp pasta ingredients at the Fresh Market  (3151 West Kilby Road, Park City)

Park City is really easy to navigate with a car, and we found everything easily.

It was finally time to get into our ski gear and head to the mountains! We got tickets and I got demo skis for me (I’d brought the kids’ skis), and finally we were on the mountain.

It felt like getting the gear on and getting to the mountain was the hardest part, and we were all beat before we had even skied.. It’s the altitude and walking in snow with your ski boots that gets you every time on the first day.

But once we were on the mountain top: bliss.

Since we had been skiing in Vermont and New York this winter, we soon realized that we were not equipped for warmer Utah weather. It was 45F yet it didn’t register to me that we needed MUCH less clothing than what we were used to wearing this winter in the East.  We took a break at Snow Hut and had some Vitamin Water (Tip: remember to hydrate! It’s very important to avoid alltitude sickness.) Luckily I had a backpack with me so we were able to take some of our clothing off for the amazing warm weather skiing.

During our ski day, we met these fun people and their DOG on the slopes. Can you believe this – a skiing dog??

After the adventures in the mountain we headed to Legends on the Park City Mountain Resort base area. I had told kids about the famous Grilled Chicken Nachos, and we had to share a plate before heading back to the lodge. The nacho plate at Legends is ridiculously large and we all four split it.

legends-nachos-day-1 (legends-nachos-day-1)

After the huge breakfast and this – I had a feeling I didn’t have to cook anything else for dinner tonight.

We had planned on jumping in the hot tub immediately after coming back to our Silver Star lodge, but we simply were too tired. Hot bath, some TV time and hanging out was all we could handle.

It was a perfect day, and only thing was really missing was my hubby. And maybe the family beagle in a sling or tied in my back.


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Comment posted by Snowmama Krista on April 2, 2011 10:30 AM MDT

Love your first day post and of course your interview with the "SnowDog Papa"! So cute! Enjoy the rest of your time on the slopes.

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