Edible Snowmen

Posted by Katja on January 6, 2011

Spending an entire day outdoors on  the slopes makes Snowkids--and Snowmamas and Snowpapas-- hungry.

Sometimes, my kids are so tired they don’t even want to eat and then they get cranky. That's why we try to keep enough snacks ready.  Here are some of my favorite fun snacks. A bonus: they look like snowmen. Your kids will love making them with you and suddenly, you are the coolest Snowmama at the resort.  

snowman-marshmellows (snowman-marshmellows)SNOWMEN MARSHMALLOWS


Forget about healthy, these are just for fun!  You need toothpicks, large marshmallows and black licorice. Assemble snowmen by inserting toothpicks into the marshmallows, using licorice to make eyes and mouths.  This is also a fun activity  to keep the kids occupied while you cook dinner. Serve with hot cocoa - ripping these apart and dropping into hot cocoa is equally fun.

snowman-candy (snowman-candy)YOGURT RAISIN FACES


Simply add black licorice eyes and mouth to a bowl of yogurt-overed raisins and you'll immediately get a smile from your tired kids.







ski-lodge-snacks-kids (ski-lodge-snacks-kids)CHEESE & CRACKER SNOW PEOPLE


Cheese. whole wheat crackers,  hummus and fruit are a  healthy,  year round favorite in our  house. . We turned them into snowmen by using round baby swiss cheese, olive “eyes” in the hummus and a carrot for the nose.





ritz-crackers-snowmen (ritz-crackers-snowmen)RITZ CRACKER SNOWMEN


You need three crackers per snowman, and additional crackers  for their  hats. (You can also make hats out of fruit or veggies, like bell peppers). Spread cream cheese on the crackers,  cut olives as buttons and a carrot for nose. Pretzel sticks make great arms.


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Comment posted by Humbug on December 23, 2011 7:24 AM MST

Is this a joke? Those snowmen marshmellows look more like Dice, and the Ritz crackers..........well words cant describe!

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