72 Hours in Park City with Snowmama Karin

Posted by Karin on January 13, 2012

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My family lives in Seattle, and although we have local ski areas, nothing compares to the scenic resort get away of Park City.  Surprisingly we can get to Park City in less time than it takes to drive to our own local ski areas – the flight is under 2 hours. 

Here’s my plan for our Park City 3-day weekend adventure:

Thursday evening

Arrive at the condo, unpack, and put the kids to bed. It’s quiet and relaxing, my favorite part of the day.  My hubby and I warm by the fire with cocoa and Bailey's, enjoying the winter scene outside.

Day 1:  Friday

For our family, having breakfast at the condo makes the most sense; things can move at a more leisurely pace.  Next visit I think I'll try GroceryGirls.com to have the kitchen stocked before we arrive.  I love this idea.

I have two daughters, my youngest is handicapped and I am thrilled that she can adaptive ski with us at Park City Mountain Resort through the National Ability Center's (NAC) adaptive ski program.  I can't fully express how much it means to me to have my whole family on the mountain together.

We enjoy lunch at Legends Bar and Grill in the Legacy Lodge.  Legends' menu will satisfy both you and your kids.  Try the nachos, they are incredible! 

My younger daughter and I go to Main Street to stimulate the local economy.  The city is on a slight hill and the sidewalks can get slippery, so be careful if you are pushing a stroller or wheelchair.  Once we've overspent, we drive back to pick up the rest of our crew and our dinner from Silver Mountain Pizzeria.  Take out, my specialty.

Tubing time at Gorgoza Park.  This is not the kind of tubing that we grew up with; no trudging up hills is involved.  There's a magic carpet to the first level, then a tow system that pulls you to the top of the hill.  Hang on tight, like the giant slide at the fair, this hill has plateaus along the way that send your tube flying for guaranteed laughter.

Day 2: Saturday

We're all a little tired from the fun we had the day prior, but it's a good tired, the kind that comes from doing things you love.  We have breakfast then hit the slopes.  At lunch we head to the Legacy Lodge for Legacy Cafe

My youngest and I head out for her horseback therapy session.  After, we pick up our snowboarders at Park City Mountain Resort and return to the condo to change for dinner.

Tonight we have dinner and entertainment at Jupiter Bowl, an upscale bowling alley and restaurant.  Bowling is fun for our whole family.  They even have a ramp for my younger daughter who can't hold a bowling ball.  Strike!

Day 3: Sunday

After breakfast we all go to the NAC where we get geared up for snow shoeing with an adaptive sled for my youngest.  We're out enjoying the blue skies, birds, sunshine and scenery on the trails. 

Our return home is filled conversations about great memories that will last a lifetime, and questions about when we can visit again.


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Comment posted by Kristen on January 13, 2012 7:40 PM MST

Love it! Would love to see pictures! I bet your daughter is going to have a fabulous time at the NAC!

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Response posted by Karin on January 15, 2012 9:16 PM MST

Thanks Kristen - I plan on taking lots of pictures!


Comment posted by Jennifer on January 13, 2012 6:27 PM MST

Perfection! I hope all of this happens for you during your visit, however I didn't see the part where you meet with Snowmama Jen so that she can soak in some of your greatness.....I guess I'll just have to squeeze myself into your schedule!!! Can't wait for your arrival.

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Response posted by Karin on January 15, 2012 9:18 PM MST

Snowmama Jen, you know connecting with you will be the highlight of my trip. Ten more days, but who's counting! :)


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