Karin was raised in a family of skiers; her mom and dad taught her and her 3 brothers how to ski at an early age.  Skiing was something her family loved to do together.  After college Karin started snowboarding backcountry with her husband and brothers before snowboarding was allowed at many resorts.  Snowboarding became her passion that translated into designing snowboard wax and gear.
Her love for snow sports must be genetic, because now her two daughters love it, too.  Karin’s oldest daughter is a snowboarder like her mom, and her youngest is handicapped with a brave and trusting spirit who loves sledding, the faster she goes the bigger her smile.
Karin’s goal has been to find activities that everyone in her family can enjoy together. She is excited to involve her special needs daughter in the Park City Adaptive Ski School as well as explore the National Ability Center. We all have a shared goal; living life fully with our whole family being able to participate. Kari’s motto is, “Life is your adventure, live it!”

My Favorites

  • Favorite Run: All of the Adventure Alleys.
  • Favorite Lift: McConkeys
  • Favorite Lunch Spot On The Mountain: Summit House - Amazing views and great food, perfect place to warm up and rest.
  • Favorite Place for a Date Night Out: Bar Boheme - The Bar at Easy Street. Cozy, with fantastic food.
  • Favorite Family Dining Place: Squatters - Something for everyone.
  • Favorite Thing to do Off the Slopes? Tubing at Gorgoza Park.



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