Local's Lunch Hour – Tips for Skiing When Time is Limited

Posted by Jill on March 5, 2013

My dad and I had a ritual when we worked together.  On the mornings during the week when the snow had fallen and a powder day was at hand, we would arrive at work with our “powder day” work attire.  I would sport a sweater with a long skirt that hid my base layers and my dad wore his corduroy ski pants (the best crossover ski/work pant ever made) also with a sporty sweater hiding his base layers.  As we crossed paths in the office we shared our secret code “meet me at the locker room at 9:15,” and then go our separate ways.

The “locker room” was in our cars parked at the ski resort.  With our back hatches open we had all gear required to get in skiing within a lunch hour or breakfast meeting (or the hour before you pick up the kids).  After many “meetings” like this, we have it down to a science:

Prepare.  Have your gear at hand all the time.  Many of our “meetings” were spontaneous and if our gear were not nearby we wouldn’t have had the opportunity.  Thus, keep your gear in the car, ready and available. 

Wear clothes that are easy to change from work to ski, then ski to work.  It is easy to hide base layers below your clothing.  When you arrive at the resort dress next to your car (you will not be the first) and the base layers provide modesty. 

On the way to the resort, place your ski boots near a heat source (My dad's secret: on his heated front seat in the sun. My heat source: next to passenger side floor vent).

What to have in the car:

  • Ski gear: skis, poles, boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, ski pass & ski clothing.
  • Towel to dry skis (this will help avoid any rusting that occurs on ski edges) and to stand on while changing.
  • Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Extra layers
  • Snacks (just in case you really use your lunch break to ski and not eat!)
  • Deodorant, lip balm, comb or brush.
  • Women: lotion foundation or powder to help conceal your freshly skied red cheeks.

Know your route!  To truly maximize your time, know the resort.   Know where to park; which lift to take first and what terrain you want as your focus.  For example: 

Expert terrain route at PCMR that includes a workout: Take Crescent, ski to McConkey’s Chair, take the chair, hike to Jupiter Peak via Pinyon Ridge, ski P-Zone, O-Zone or East Face return to McConkey’s, repeat, check time, if there is time to spare, take McConkey’s again and ski beneath the chair, return to base area. 

Groomer power hour: Eagle Chairlift ski Temptation to King Con, as your riding the chair check-out which runs look good and groomed, ski one or two on King Con, the ski King Con to Silverlode Chair, then take Homerun to Silver Queen, if time allows, repeat by taking Bonanza back to the top, if time is running out continue down to base. 

For more trail planning ideas visit PCMR's Interactive Trail Map.


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