Ditch the Rental Car & Ride the Bus!

Posted by Jill on February 12, 2013

Being a resident of Park City provides an advantage of how to navigate the town and ski slopes, especially during peak travel times.  One of my children’s favorite means of transportation in Park City is the free bus offered throughout Summit County.  The transit system has grown since its inception and now services all the local ski areas, Kimball Junction businesses, Jeremy Ranch and all of the Park City proper.  Transportation to Salt Lake City and the airport (via private transportation companies) are also available for a cost.

With a little planning and patience, any visitor, could ditch the rental car and ride the bus.  The beauty of the bus is it’s virtually door-to-door service, accessibility and large service area.  A few quick tips:

  • Utilize the Park City Transit Trip Planner to plan your route and timing.
  • Visitors: find accommodations on the bus route.  Locals: discover your proximity to the bus route or alternative areas to park.
  • Gear up, and climb on board. 

If you have skis, you board the bus with all of your gear in tow.  Each ski area provides storage for extra gear, so if you need to bring a backpack with shoes, snacks, sunscreen etc., there is storage available.  The bus drops skiers off at the base of each resort, essentially front door parking.  This is especially attractive during the peak seasons, because parking can be challenging at times. 

The bus route includes Main Street, Kimball Junction (theater, restaurants, bowling, and Outlets), grocery and liquor stores and other notable Park City landmarks.  The extensive bus route allows access to shopping, entertainment, lodging and local landmarks, galleries and museums.

One of my children’s favorite outings is taking the bus after skiing to Main Street.  We ride the bus from the resort to the Old Town Transit Center and then board the Main Street Trolley and ride up Main Street to enjoy lunch (usually at the Eating Establishment because they have a great kids menu, the atmosphere is relaxed, the staff is kid-friendly and there are crayons and paper in abundance) and then have ice cream at Cows.  My children love the bus, its novel and a fun way to spend the afternoon.  If your children are older, the bus is a safe and easy alternative to parents shuttling kids from one place to the next.

For detailed route information and a timetable download the Park City Transit Winter Guide.


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Comment posted by J.D. Cronin on February 12, 2013 9:29 AM MST

Jill - this resource needs to be celebrated with articles like this. The bus system in and around Park City is a crown jewel and is so well done and valuable for not only just ski transport but nightlife as well. Well done Jill!

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