Fourteen Ways to Enjoy a Ski Vacation in Park City With a Baby/Toddler

Posted by Jill on February 17, 2013

You've packed your bags and you are on your way to ski Park City… except, this time you have a baby on board.  Traveling to a ski destination with a baby offers some challenges and amazing opportunities.  You may not get to ski everyday, all day, but you can enjoy Park City through the eyes of babe:

  • Before your arrive, one of the best resources for upcoming events and classes for children is the Park City Jane's List.  Visit their website and sign up to receive updates on upcoming and current opportunities for you and your child to enjoy in Park City and surrounding areas.
  • Gorgoza Tubing Park has a great toddler tubing area that would be perfect for your little one.  Before buying a ticket, walk your child over to see if they are interested in sitting in the tube.  Your baby might be to young, but it is a fun activity to try, and if you can always take turns tubing on the big hill while one of you keeps an eye on babe.
  • Cross country or skate ski with your baby on Park City’s incredible groomed trail system. White Pine Touring offers Chariot rentals, which allows you to get out on the trails and gives baby a place to enjoy the view and possibly be lulled to sleep by your ski rhythm.
  • Imagine a pit of foam blocks, trampolines, swings and soft mats to crawls and tumble upon... This is the world Black Diamond Gym has to offer and has an hour long open gym for little ones throughout the week.
  • Monkey Mountain is a giant supervised indoor playland which includes toddler music every Monday and Wednesday 10 to 10:15 am.  An area is devouted to the babies and toddlers, with soft animals and small slides to climb upon.
  • Looking for a great workout while your baby is within arm's reach? Try Whit's Power Hour (Mommy and Me) workout at Basin Recreation.  They have bouncy houses and half of the indoor field allocated for the hour workout on Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays from 9:30-10:30am, in the summer it is located outside at one of the local parks.  Also, everyday from 10 a.m.-noon half of the field is open for kids to play in the bouncy houses and run/crawl around the field. 
  • If you are interested in some local interaction and playtime contact our local Playgroups.  
  • If you just need to get out and go for an adventure, Park City Transportation offers bus service throughout Summit County.  In addition, there is the Main Street Trolley which is always a treat for little ones and other fun ways to explore Main Street, for more ideas read Snowmama Jill's (me) transportation adventures.
  • With a little planning, you and your child could enjoy one of the many art classes offered at the Kimball Art Center.

Last, but not least, go skiing with your baby.  My husband and I took both of our children as newborns to the hill and alternated parenting and skiing.  Pick a corner in one of the lodges or restaurants and relax with your child while your significant other skis.  If your baby is mobile, let them explore outside, play in the snow, watch other children on the magic carpet, put on the gear, even if they are too little.  Let them get used to ski clothing, mittens, hats, glasses and boots… and soon enough they’ll be asking for skis or a board to try.


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