When your Ski and Snowboard Trip has gone to the dogs, literally!

Posted by Jen on March 11, 2011

“Voluntourism” is a hot trend in travel these days.  Many families and individuals are adding community service to their travel agendas as a way to enhance their experiences.  Not only is it a nice addition to a trip, it’s a great way to discover a place from a different perspective.

Park City, where I live, is no different. We also have a superb philanthropic community with a lot of volunteer opportunities.

screen-shot-2011-03-11-at-12-16 (screen-shot-2011-03-11-at-12-16)

Friends of Animals is a family favorite.  Our family adopted our dog, Titus, from this organization.  This non-profit organization rescues and finds homes for cats and dogs with the goal of ending euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets.  Under the name Furburbia, which is the local adoption center, volunteer opportunities include walking dogs and playing with cats at the facility.  Sign up in advance and your family can take a dog for a snowy walk or cuddle with a cat and learn more about the great work done here.

The Christian Center of Park City loves having out of town guests volunteer at their facility and this way you get to work within your own species!    Starting on Tuesday, January 11 the Christian Center will host International Dinners.  This is a time when many of our international workforce come and enjoy a community dinner provided by local individuals, organizations and businesses.  Often, there are as many as 250 young people.  Here’s a chance to meet locals and get some great tips on favorite ski runs and other local secrets!

See you on the slopes!


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