Making a List and Checking it Twice

Posted by Jen on March 14, 2011

Your luggage is packed.  The itinerary is in place.  Your family is ready to start their winter sports vacation except... Have you thought about what food your family will need for their stay in Park City, Utah?  Having a list in place will allow you to get the grocery shopping  done quickly so you can get out on the slopes.

The Snowmamas have compiled a list of our own “must-have” items.  Take a look at what we like to have with us and then add your own family favorites to your list.

shopping-list (shopping-list)A hearty breakfast is a must:  

            Eggs and hash browns
            Bacon or sausages
            Milk (regular and chocolate.)  Many athletes use chocolate milk as a recovery drink.  Why shouldn’t you?
            Small boxes of sugary cereal.  Snowmamas Amber and Linda agree this is a “special” item their kids anticipate.
            Granola bars and Power Bars

Fruit and vegetables make for great snacks after skiing and riding:

            Baby carrots
            Oranges or clementines (Snowmamas Lisa and Linda highly recommend!)

If you are thinking about coming back to condo for a quick and inexpensive lunch:

            Bagels and cream cheese from local favorite, Park City Bagels.
            Peanut butter and jelly
            Nutella (“it makes everything taste better!”)
            String cheese
            Salami or other lunch meat
            Soup and bread sticks

Snacks items are a must.
 You burn a lot of calories on the mountain. Come back to the condo to things you know will taste great after a full day:

            Hummus and pita chips
            Tortilla chips and salsa
            Microwave popcorn
            Ready-made cookie dough, for example Nestle chocolate chip
            Dark chocolate

Finally, everybody loves a special drink after skiing and snowboarding.
 Our own little reward:  

            Hot chocolate and marshmallows (If you want to go out for the best hot chocolate in town, ask local Snowmama Linda.)
            Bottled Water

(Remember you will need to hit the State Liquor store if you prefer “real” beer, wine or hard liquor. )

We have several grocery stores in the area.  Kimball Junction is home to three national chain stores, Super Wal-mart, Smith’s (a Kroger affiliate) and Whole Foods.  In town, closer to Park City Mountain Resort, you will find locally owned, The Market. This store offers a shopping service.  Ask for Destiny, if you don’t want to waste vacation time grocery shopping.  Finally, Fresh Market is just minutes away from the resort.  Good to know, if you have any last minute forgotten items.


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