Brown Bagging on the Mountain: Jen's Trip Diary Day 3

Posted by Jen on January 4, 2011

We had the most amazing “bluebird day” on the mountain!  We headed up after a lazy morning and hit the slopes with  (mostly) good attitudes and a desire to try out some “new” runs.  

Okay, the teenager was having a wardrobe issue.  Something about suspenders being annoying.  As parents, we find it’s often easier to just ignore “the attitude” because we have learned once on the mountain all bad feelings tend to melt away.  No sense in letting it affect the rest of us.

summit house (day-3-summit-house)

Since we headed up late morning from our Park City home,  we decided to pack our lunch.  This is a cost-effective way to feed the family on the slopes.  I love a big burger, fries and a beer as much as the next gal,  but let’s face it,  that can bust the budget.  A family of 5 could easily drop $100 on a mountain  lunch that might go half uneaten by the kids. So we  packed a backpack that my husband wore and stopped at the Summit House when the crew got hungry. We chowed down on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, celery sticks, pita chips, clementines and rice crispy treats.  Water is available at no cost at the Summit House and boy did that water taste good.  Everybody got enough to eat without leaving half a plate of pasta and having Mom feel badly  about the money we had spent.  

A tip: Some mountain restaurants won’t allow you to bring your own food during peak hours.The Summit House at the top of the Bonanza lift has a great outdoor seating area and is a family favorite.

It was a GREAT day on the mountain, although as they say “any day on the mountain is a great day!”


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