Jen's Trip Diary Day 2: When You Can't Ski

Posted by Jen on December 31, 2010

boy-sled (boy-sled)

girl-beanie (girl-beanie)The snow has been relentless.  We have been digging out every 4 hours!

It’s so much fun to have this much snow but skiing isn’t an option.  With five-year-old Declan, we can’t head out on the mountain.  So we’re making the most of being indoors. We’ve watched plenty of movies.

Finally, we needed to get outside.  Mark threw the sleds in the back of the car, I encouraged everybody to get dressed and we headed to Trailside Park in Park City.  It  is a big community park that has a great FREE sledding hill.  

We sledded  for an hour or so, came home  had popcorn and hot chocolate and felt super happy.  Loved being out in the weather and staying together as group.

This was one hill everyone could handle and nobody yelled (meaning, I kept my cool, thank you very much!)

boy-3 (boy-3)


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