Date Night 101 in Park City

Posted by Jen on January 25, 2011

Rule one for Date Night:  There will be NO speaking of the children!

“Let’s go out to dinner” they said. “Just adults, out to dinner.”  

All I could say was, “Well, yes, of course!”

I live here in Park City.  I make my daily rounds here, to the grocery store, school and of course the mountain.  he most romantic, beautiful place is right here for us to enjoy whenever we want, except we don’t. We’re busy with the kids.

So when really good friends suggest we do, we should!

date-night-sml (date-night-sml)

The good friends are local celebrity and three-time Olympian, Fuzz Feddersen and his wife, LeeAnne.

We all needed a night out. Yes, even Olympians need a night off. We checked our local newspaper, The Park Record for the frequently advertised “two for one’s” offered by many restaurants. We decided on 350 Main. Mark and I had not dined there and thought it would be fun to have a “new” experience.

I insisted we must first stroll through one of my favorite places on Main Street, the Kimball Art Center.  You can walk in, enjoy amazing artwork, have coffee or tea and feel inspired.  Currently, there is a show of Ansel Adams’ early work. You will see work from famous artists as well as local artists and even young artists from local schools. I’m proud we have the Kimball Art Center in Park City and I’m glad to be a member.  You don’t have to be a member, though.  Walk through, enjoy the quiet and if you really dig it, leave a donation. They will really appreciate it!

So off to dinner. It’s been awhile since we’ve been out on the town. Main Street was busy with a lot of people dressed in their “Western” finest. It felt grown-up. It felt fun.

The restaurant was busy but we were able to get in without a reservation. We brought our own bottle of wine. Yep, you can do that here. There is a corkage fee but it beats paying a fortune for a bottle of wine you can get a lot cheaper at the liquor store.

My husband and our friends ordered the Steak Frites. I went with the Coffee-Rubbed Pork tenderloin. Who made the best choice? ME!  It was delicious. LeeAnne and Mark returned their steak to be cooked more (ultimately, it was great) but mine was by far the best.   

We had a lovely evening out. Main Street is festive year round. It’s fun, active and full of life.  There are great deals to be found. It just takes a little digging, but it’s worth the effort.

Perhaps I’ll see you out there, I’m thinking acting like an adult is becoming, even though I really am a kid inside.

See you on the slopes!


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