Tackling The Beast with the kiddos!! #cakewalk

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by Jennifer on March 20, 2014


You’ve put your days in at your local mountain, your family has hit the bunny to intermediate and maybe even black diamond runs over over and over again-- it’s time for a spring break trip and you want something bigger than big. A larger mountain can be totally confusing and very intimidating at first bite. It’s super helpful to have someone break it down for you. We picked Killington Resort, the infamous Beast of the East to break down for you and share our day. 

mommys Two moms, two kids, sunshine and motivation #letsgo. Killington is 3,000 acres of madness with seven mountain peaks and 22 chairlifts; right there I might have lost you. Breathe easy, we've got this!  How do you break that down, especially if you are skiing or snowboarding with your kids for the day? I mean 22 chairlifts?? Parking lots a plenty! (Side note always coordinate your parking situation with where you plan to start your day. No one likes walking for miles, especially with kids and gear in tow!)

First tip: No matter what mountain you are on, start your day nearest to the “learning center” or ski school area. This location is always going to be the closest to the majority of green and easier blue trails – with easy access and possibly a little bit easier to get off of chair lifts. We started at Ramshead Mountain; nice quad long runs all greens and blues. The bonus at Ramshead is there are several small or  *grommet terrain parks. *Grommet is a slang term for a young participant in extreme sports  Our kids were stoked to try out these mini features and a junior-sized half pipe – how cool! The weekend we were up at Killington was smack in the middle of the Olympics so we were all practicing our best Freeski and BoarderX styling! At the same time we were doing laps on “Easy Street." The name says it all, right?

neffland snowden slope-side


So once we got warmed up and were used to the Ramshead Quad, we started feeling a little bold and less intimated. What next you wonder? Duh, so obvious--We pull up the trail map on our OnTheSnow mobile app (insert shameless plug) and start assessing how we’ll spend the rest of our day. We just shift over a little skiers’ left as they say and ended up on the next peak over... Snowden Mountain. Snowden had a variety of greens, blues and added some blacks into the mix. Snowden also gave us a little chairlift variety enough to mix it up and the trail names had a lot to do with Mice, which made us feel like we were riding with Mickey and Minnie that afternoon.

OK, so we never even made it over one of the two gondolas at Killington that day but we did find the location of the Waffle Cabin and made sure to take several breaks to rehydrate. I hope you like our photos; I think you get the jist of how we were feeling about this day! Love what you do, do what you love and do it with your kids but most importantly never stress about it!!

Keep riding forward. xx Jen


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