Snowsports School for Jr. --YES, leave it to the pros, please!!

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by Jennifer on March 26, 2014

snowsports-school-header So you’re a parent and naturally want your children to experience the same fun you had on the slopes as a kid. I mean how difficult could it be to stick a small kid on skis or a snowboard show them how it’s done? SUPER difficult – first impression with this sport is everything. This can mold your child’s ideal on the sport going forward – make or break it as they say. ("They" in this case are trained PSIA trained Ski & Snowboard instructors). These well-trained instructors are the key to transforming that newbie into future expert all-mountain riders. They are equipped with patience, a bag of tricks, mad teaching skills + a neverending supply of hot chocolate.

our-students My friend Jess and I (mamas to intermediate snow kids) put Killington Resorts Snow School to the test--we had one child in Snowboard School and one in Ski School. Right off the bat our kids joined a posse of others eager students on the snow. We’ve done ski school all across the country and usually you are dropping your kid inside, having a quick chat with the prospective instructor, kissing their face and being sent on your way. At Killington they start the kids right out on the “magic carpet” and watch them make about 5 or 6 turns down a slope to determine what group to put them in. This avoids the entire My-Jonny-can-ski-black-diamonds,-crush-moguls-and-needs-to-be-in-the-highest-level-you-have.

Flash forward to the reality of Jonny sitting at the top of the run crying his poor eyes out because he’s really not there yet. (No offense, Jonny.)   

At this point parents were supposed to have disappeared but, of course, for the love of Journalism we stuck around and um...eavesdropped a bit. The instructors were all so warm and welcoming – spoke to each child individually. When picking up our lesson vouchers we (the parents) were coached to encourage our kids to know what they had hoped to get out of their day and share it with their instructor.  No task too daunting for the Killington School staff; whether it was to master Neffland or just improve on linking their turns.  No hope would be dashed and all opportunities would be considered!  This did, in fact, actually did happen. A really great conversation took place between our children and their instructors. This left me almost teary-eyed ... like when did my baby become such a big boy?! 

with-the-pros Our kids were immediately put at ease, stoked for the day and looking forward to tackling “The Beast” on their own (or at least without their mommys).

Results were magnificent – we picked up grinning kids, mine boasting about how many times he hit the half pipe (plus how awesome lunch was, which included multiple choices of entrees, a Sprite and a brownie). She was GLOWING over a first gondola ride and wondering if we knew just how large this mountain is??? Yes, Devon we do and think it's awesome!!

report-cards The breakdown from the instructors included a play-by-play of their day + a graded report card with comments for us to take home. We give Killington's Snow School an A+ and strongly encourage you at whatever level your child may be skiing or snowboarding to try the Snowsports School at your local hill.  Trust a snowmama you'll be glad you did!

Keep riding forward. xx Jen



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