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by Jennifer on February 20, 2014

Welcome to Killington Welcome to President's Week Madness! Something super specific to the East Coast is February break. Our lucky school-aged children get this week-long holiday in addition to their December break and their April break (do these kids ever actually go to school?)  

Something else that goes hand-in-hand with this February break is a great family snow trip to a drivable resort within 2-4 hours from home! I’m here at Killington Resort, Vermont and this place isn’t called “the Beast of the East” for nothing. There is so much more to do beyond the mountain I wanted to share some of my family’s favorite off-the-slope activities;

1)      Go Snow Tubing – OK, so this is the obvious activity of choice for kids of all ages but here at Killington they make it SO easy to get your hilly thrills run after run after run.  With an immaculately groomed hill, and a rope tow to get you back to the top you can have so much fun flying down the course.  The tubing hill has its own little clubhouse to make taking breaks easy.  Riders need to be 42” or taller and sessions are 1 hour and a half – running most days from 10am to 7pm – with a late night session on Saturday nights!

2)      Shopping at Darkside Snowboards – This may seem like a random mention but this is like a supermega snow fun store not just for snowboarders.  When you walk in the place usually smells tropical from the wax they use on their snowboards.  If that’s not enough the plethora of miscellaneous accessories, cool street wear, T-shirts, stickers and, of course, snowboards will hook you.  And if you do have a rad snowboarder in your crew, Darkside has their own little jib park in their backyard. 

3)      Take out from the Phat Italian – You go on vacation and want to leave the cooking behind but eating out for numerous nights with little ones can kill the mood to say the least.  Killington has so many condo rental options, perfect for takeout!  The Phat Italian is straight out of Grandma’s kitchen; with plenty of nightly specials to choose from like Homemade penne al vodka, ginourmous meatballs, yummy lasagna and fresh salads you can’t go wrong and can please any palate (oh and did I mention their homemade Canollis?? ummm yea you heard me right!)  The Phat Italian also has a back section devoted to specialty meats, cheeses and a great wine selection too perfect for après entertaining. 

4)    Take a Gondola Ride – There’s something about taking a gondola ride, in your snow boots versus your ski boots that is just really fun to my son and I. The K1 Express Gondola is really special.  First of all it's echo-friendly and runs on something called “Cow Power”--that’s right, good old manure from local Vermont Dairy Farms.  When you get to the top of the K1, you are greeted by the most amazing views at Killington’s 4100-foot peak; just beyond that is the new Peak Lodge.  Talk about dining in comfort and coolness.  The lodge is modern and boasts wall-to-ceiling windows with breathtaking panoramic views of the mountain and tons of overstuffed comfy couches.  Grab a hot chocolate and stay a while is the vibe you get on this mountain peak!    

5)      Family night at Ledgewood Yurt* – This evening starts with a 15-20-minute Snowcat-drawn sleigh ride to the famous Ledgewood Yurt (don’t worry, you and your family will be bundled up with warm blankets to enjoy this trip).  The Ledgewood Yurt, looks rustic but is warm and cozy on the interior.  Everyone is seated in community tables to encourage a fun atmosphere and maybe make some new friends.  The family night menu is kid-friendly and mama-approved. This is an experience like no other and should not be missed!  * What is a Yurt??  It’s a circular tented structure that originated from the nomads of Mongolia.  They were constructed to easily assemble and break down to keep nomads on the go.

These top five faves are only a fraction of the amazing things to do at Killington Resort. Keep tabs on me as we finish up this epic season and I'll fill you in on some more fun. In the meantime we always love to ski and snowboard wherever that takes us!


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