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by Jennifer on March 5, 2014

lets get moving!! We are getting into the best snow months of the ski and ride season (welcome, March!) Getting out on the snow demands a lot from your body and if you’re like me always in the balance of work, managing a home and a kid sometimes your personal exercise gets thrown on the backburner. I had been meaning to start my preseason “training” sometime around Augustish ;) 

I thought a little collaboration with my fabulous fit mama friends would be in order; you know how they say buy the worst house on the nicest block and fix it up?! Well in this comparison, that fixer-upper home is me and the nicest block is my girlfriends--unfortunately the transformation certainly wasn’t just happening by osmosis (as I had hoped would happen during copious lunch dates).  I’m also in a specific situation because I am on injury recovery from last snow season… by formula I need to actually work even harder to gain the strength back where I lost it to begin with.  I am happily back on my snowboard post-injury but I definitely I still need some off slope help with my strength, especially my core + legs.  And really who couldn’t use a tighter center and strong legs??

My problem, like most of us complain about is time, or rather extra time.  I’m a working mom, with a super active 7-year-old son who has a crazy schedule (if you have kids you know they rule until they drive, right??) On top of all this my work often puts me on the road so I really am looking for a consistent work out that I can do quickly enough to make a difference and do it anywhere.  (Minus maybe the aisles of the airplane but just maybe…) 

I sat down for a serious heart-to-heart with my bestie Siobhan Vondra who is a CrossFit coach & owner of Locomotive CrossFit in Beacon, NY and she gave me just the thing.  I thought she was talking another language at first but turned me onto Tabata training, you following?? Nope me neither, so here’s the fat footnote: 'Tabata' training develops the aerobic and anaerobic systems during a 4 minute cycle of 20 seconds max effort work and 10 seconds rest. The full cycle lasts for 8 rounds and can be used with any exercise.   So with that clarified here’s our workout:

Tabata 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest
8 cycles on plank (the very awkwardly uncomfortable position, pictured)
8 cycles of air squats (KILLER) holding bottom position on the rest (standing with feet a little wider than your shoulders, arms out in front & squat  ** bend your knees so they come out slightly over your feet, you need to see your toes)

4 rounds
20 sit-ups (no explanation needed #crunchit)
10 v-ups (lying on your back bring arms and legs up to create a v shape with the body)

20 bicycles (remember these suckers from gym class?? on your back, alternating elbows to knees)

30 walking lunges (15 with weight overhead, you can use even a couple of cans of soup or a small baby!)

*see photo examples below

This whole workout can be done in less than 20 minutes pretty much anywhere, quite possibly even in the aisles of my next westbound flight ;)  I’m actually doing air squats as I type, that takes talent!

Second fat footnote: this workout is good for anyone, not just spinning busy mamas ~ dedicated dads, bachelors, or the single ladies.  Do it daily your legs, butt and abs will thank you later besides it will make those turns on the hill that much sweeter and way less PAINFUL. 

Keep riding forward xx Jen


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