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Posted by Heather on March 28, 2012

steeps (steeps)

Last year I moved to Park City from Maryland and bought my first new pair of skis in over 16 years.  Wow. Things had changed. I didn't demo any skis first and just went off the advice of a friend.  Having spent my previous ski years in the northeast racing and skiing hard packed groomers,  I knew I was ready for a change. When asked what type of skiing I planned on doing my answer was easy, "powder, crud, steeps, trees, and anything else I could manage to get to."  The Salomon Geisha- it was true love.  Not that I need to replace or have grown tired of my Geishas, I just thought it time I had a feel for what else is out there.  Hopefully my research (fun) at Park City Mountain Resort will give you a little direction in choosing your own true love.  There really is a ski out there for everyone, find yours. 

Volkl Kenja (kenja)Volkl Kenja: 

This is a ski designed to take you all over the mountain.
129/86/105, wood core and traditional vertical sidewalls.
Lengths: 149, 156, 163, 170 I skied on the 163.
It has a wide tip, with a wider radius in the front and a smaller radius in the tail.  This makes for an easier finish or exit out of your turn.  I think that is what made me dislike this ski for my own self.  I enjoy a ski that I can load up and feel some real power out of my turn.  The Kenja felt as if it lacked guts, it felt as if the skis just wanted to stay sweet and nice the whole run down.   This however could make it a very nice ski for those who might prefer a fun, easy to manuver, and easy on the knees day on the slopes. In the bumps and in some thick steep crud I felt this ski quick, fun and lighthearted.  


Volkl Aura (aura)Volkl Aura:

Lengths: 156/163/170  I skied the 163.
Full camber. 131-96-114 Flat under binding.
Advanced, Expert, Hi-Expert
Titanium- I liked the sound of that.  There was something about these skis which grabbed me, it was that neat sound made when shredding through the mix of crud and pow I took these beauties through.  The Aura's had the power I was missing in the Kenja and was super fun on both the steep groomers that I ran them on.  Word is that they are not going to be as unforgiving as the Kenja through tight spots and in the bumps.  Overall though, they would be my pick and probably leave me quite tired come the end of the day.  



Volkl Kiku (kiku)Volkl Kiku:

Not much to say here as I did not get on this ski yet.  All you really need to know is that if you want a powder ski, Kiku could be the one for you.  You will most certainly sacrifice some of that hard snow grip on the groomers  but for the powerful purr she'll give you through the deep it might be well worth the sacrifice.  She is on my list to try before the season's end.  With the way it's dumping out right now I might have to make a few phone calls to get on some tomorrow!







Rossignol Temptation 82 (temption)

Rossignol Temptation 82:

Fiberglass wood core. 132-82-120 @168cm
The fact that this ski claims to be good for just about any skier and any terrain makes me wonder.  Really? Is that possible?  They call it an Auto Turn Rocker and auto anything in a ski just doesn't seem right.  But, I have asked many who ski on this Temptation, all of various ski ability and style, and they all sing praises.  I suggest this ski get on your list of ones to demo before choosing your next season fun.  The Temptation had a great responsive feel, not doing anything without me asking for it (or even just thinking about it).  

 Nordica Cinnamon Girl (cinnamongirl)

Nordica Cinnamon Girl:

No metal in this full wood core (poplar and ash). Slight twin tip design.
This ski is a great for women who enjoy skiing corduroy and turning it up a notch now and then.  This ski will let you lay down tracks and has great edge hold.  The nice wide tip will let you initiate your turns with little or no effort.  I did not ski the Cinnamon Girl but did ask those that did what they thought of it.  All seemed to love it.  I would suggest giving this ski a try if you are looking to gain confidence on the mountain, and spend more time carving groomers and steeps rather than pushing powder and tight trees. 

 Salomon skis (salomonski)

Blizzard Crush

Lightweight poplar and beech core. 132-98-122. 

Traditional camber and 98mm underfoot.
A very versatile ski for charging groomers and floating through the pow.  The tips are wide and rockered, the base of the ski is flat. Very easy to turn, mostly because only about a foot and a half of the ski has contact with the snow.  These skis seem to be under and across before I was even ready to commit to a new turn.  All it took for me to really enjoy and realize this ski was to quiet my fore and aft movement and enjoy.  I do have to admit that I missed working the ski in the way I am used to.  I think that this could be a great ski for women looking to gain confidence and enjoy a getting to explore the mountain on a wider ski.

  What I'm skiing on now: Salomon Geisha (salomongeisha)

Salomon Geisha:

300 mm rocker tip, full wood core with bamboo layer.
153 cm, 164 cm, 173 cm
This is my ski. I bought last years model and enjoy them on all kinds of terrain.  It has been said to be a freeride ski for women who charge in all conditions. I like how Iris Noack describes this ski. "With a rockered tip and a semi-twin tail, this is a great all-mountain ski that will delight a variety of ages and ability levels. The bamboo wood core and basalt topsheet give this ski a responsive flex pattern, with just the right amount of forgiveness when the quads are burnin’ from trying to stay out in front of the boys. At 97mm underfoot, this is the best answer to a one-ski quiver." Also, hear what Elyse Saugstad has to say about the Geisha. “I want a ski that I can charge on, and the Geisha is it. The Geisha is extremely playful with a pop-like response, yet it’s still stiff enough with its full wood core to rally in powder, crud, ice, whatever—and it totally rips on groomers as well. I don’t think I could ask for more from a ski! I never veer away from this ski when competing on the Freeride World Tour.”

The Geisha has been a perfect fit for me, I will however cheat on them a few more times this winter as the number of incredible women's skis on the market completely amazes me.  I might decide to treat myself to something new for next season so I spent some time calling around some of the local shops here in Park City to find out when the best spring deals might be found.  No exact dates were given to me but they all suggest checking in regularly.  With all this snow we are getting the best deals may come a little later than they were forecasting.  Basically the sales start when the shops start changing over their winter products to summer fun.  Expect sales to be around the last week in March through the first couple of weeks in April.  

Here are a few Park City shops to check into.
Cole Sports- 435.649.4806
JANS-  435.649.4949
White Pine Touring-(telemark skis) 435.649.8710 
Sports Authority- 435.649.6922 
Aloha Ski & Snowboard- 435.649.9690 
Bahnhof Sport- 435.645.9700

Have fun out there and try some new skis!  Let it snow! 



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Comment posted by Jeff T. on March 29, 2012 2:42 PM MDT

Heather thanks for the reviews! The last time we met up with you in PC my wife was demoing the Geisha's....she fell in LOVE with them that week! She had been skiing on Atomic C9W for 6 years and could really feel the difference of not having to "work" the ski in crud and powder. Your review is spot on!

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Comment posted by Kristen on March 28, 2012 6:58 PM MDT

Thanks for the reviews! I LOVE ski reviews. Only downside is I should NOT be allowed to read them, nor walk near a ski store. I love ski equipment too much....some women like shoes and purses, I like ski stuff. Oh, they are all so tempting.....

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