The Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by Heather on April 10, 2012

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Picture this, a beautiful morning with bluebird skies, fresh groomed corduroy slopes, the scent of sunscreen, crisp mountain air, and the chirping of birds eager for spring. This was our Easter morning, geared up in our ski clothes, boots and helmets on. The unusual part of this day was that my children had their Easter baskets tucked under their arms and the snow covered runs of Park City Mountain Resort were dotted with brightly colored plastic eggs filled with chocolate candies, little toys, and pass vouchers for the many summer activities at the resort.  

There were also two Golden Eggs hidden on the mountain with each one containing a 2012/13 season pass!  We read up on the clues given to find these Golden Eggs as they were posted on Facebook and Twitter, hoping for a bit of luck.  It made for some fun strategizing with my son and our friends, trying to use these clues to locate those Golden Eggs.

About an hour into the egg hunt, our focus on the Golden Egg took a turn.  We lost my 6 year old daughter Maggie (the girl on the cover of the trail map) somewhere between Bonanza and Silverlode chairs.  I imagined she was sitting on the side of the slope calmly eating chocolate, she knows the mountain as well as her backyard.  I did call Ski Patrol though, and Maggie was quickly recovered.  She was not the least bit affected and her basket was a bit lighter then it was before I misplaced her.  Maggie even insisted she caught a glimpse of the Easter Bunny himself SKIING through the woods!  It wasn't until later in the day when we did find the Easter Bunny that I knew she was not telling us a story.  

This annual Easter Celebration is such a wonderful way to bring our incredible ski season in Park City to an end.  We love this time of year, skiing every last bit nature allows us while looking forward to the summer fun.  With heavy hearts we know this is our last winter living in Park City, but with delight we imagine the trips we will take back to our favorite family ski resort.  This Snowmama's blog will be my favorite stop as I plan our winter family travel to the magical Park City Mountain Resort.  Happy Spring to all the Snowmamas and Snowpapas out there, hope you are getting ready for some summer fun!


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Comment posted by Kristen on April 14, 2012 8:06 AM MDT

Wish we were there!!! Looks like such an awesome event!

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