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Posted by Heather on April 25, 2012

farmteamfriends (farmteamfriends)

Park City Mountain Resort offers something for everyone, it is a true family mountain.  I thought it would be fun to ask the local kids what their favorite day was this winter.  They had a hard time choosing just one day, who can blame them?  Hoping these responses make you smile, I loved hearing what they had to say.


I loved hiking Scott's Bowl with my Learn to Race team! It was my first time back in Jupiter and I can't wait to go back with my parents!
-Lindsey 8


I went off a jump and landed skiing backwards one day in Saturday Adventure....it was awesome!
-Austin 5

 0965 (0965)

The day I hiked Jupiter Peak with Jack, Mom, Dad and Heather. I hit a jump at the end and stayed in a tuck.
-Cole 7

 web07581 (web07581)

The day we skied with the girls for She Jumps! I loved wearing my tutu.
 -Anna 6

 bottomsilverlode (bottomsilverlode)

I loved Nastar because I got to win lots of medals!
-Teagan 6

 snowpals (snowpals)

I loved Nastar!
 -Quinn 4


I loved the Monster Trails (Adventure Alleys) because of all the bumps, turns and twisties.
-Madi 5


I loved trying to chase Jack down the mountain and drinking hot chocolate.
-Harper 4

 gunnarandsonnie (gunnarandsonnie)Gunnar and Sonnie

The Cookie Race. Skiing with my Papa.
-Sonnie 6

The last day of Farm Team because it was a powder day and I got to ski with all my friends, my Dad and my Papa. Doing the Big Mountain Battle with my Dad.
-Gunnar 8

alittlepowder (alittlepowder)

My favorite day was skiing PayDay after a big storm because I got to ski some fun powder.  I fell but it was really really fun.
-Abby 6

friendsfrommd (friendsfrommd)

My favorite day this winter was skiing with my friends Alec and Gannon who visited us from Maryland.  And the Easter Egg hunt, that was so fun! And the day Cole and I hiked to Jupiter Peak, and the Big Mountain Battle too.
-Jack 9

samandlizvisit (samandlizvisit)

It was so much fun when Sammy and Lizzie came to visit us and I got to show them all over the mountain! The Easter egg hunt was really really fun too, I saw the Easter bunny Skiing and found lots of candy.
-Maggie 6


The day I was in the photo shoot for Park City Mountain Resort was my favorite day.  We skied and played on the mountain while they took pictures.

-Carina 7

 topkingcon1 (topkingcon1)

I had fun doing the cookie races with my ski instructor, Rayna.  And skiing with my friends on Sunday's. 

-Reese 8

 withmom (withmom)

Tree skiing with my mom was the best.  Spending the days skiing with my family and becoming a better skier.

-Garrett 6



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