Best Photo Gadgets for 2012

Posted by Heather on March 21, 2012

Kodak Playsport Burton Edition ZX5 (kodakplaysportburton)

If it's not on video or photographed did it really happen? Of course it did.  But, when you want to create those stories, capture those memories or share your powder day with friends you can't go wrong with these.  Listed below are some of the best Photo gadgets for 2012 with a little description of each.  Suppose I could just call it my personal wish list for 2012!

With a contoured, soft-touch design and fast-fire shutter button, it makes your iPhone or iPod Touch more like a digital camera.  It plugs into the 30-pin port on the iPhone and gives you a much better grip as well as a tactile shutter button that gets you closer to a real camera experience. It uses Belkin's own app for photo-taking, but at $30, it might come in handy for true Instagram addicts.


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