Treasures at Park City Mountain Resort

Posted by Heather on March 8, 2012

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Last weekend my daughter and I headed up to Park City Mountain Resort with one thing in mind.  A treasure hunt!  If you look on PCMR's website HERE you will find a cool treasure map to share with your children.  On it, are the locations of the "oh so fun" Adventure Alleys and famous Snowbugs.  You will also notice some of the environmental structures new to the resort this season. 

What is a Snowbug?  Snowbugs are the creation of artist Fred Conlon.  His Gnomes were discovered by one of the resort owners and from there, began the commissioned creation of 12 unique Snowbugs.  Made of galvanized steel, they stand as playful gatekeepers to the Adventure Alleys of Park City Mountain Resort.  These Snowbugs make us giggle every time we see one.  We also believe they are the reason for the tumbles we have while cruising down the mountain, the unexpected ones resulting in a yard sale as the Bugs like to "jump out of nowhere and trip us".  Whatever you and your family want to believe, the Snowbugs are just one more of the unique wonders of Park City Mountain Resort that we love. 

What is an Adventure Alley?  Adventure Alleys are paths through the woods perfect for exploring and "tree skiing" without the hazards of unmarked trails.  Each Alley is marked at the top and bottom with a Snowbug and given a fun name such as Detonator, Powder Monkey and Blaster.  There is nothing quite as wonderful as laps through Powder Monkey with a group of little kids laughing and shouting through the trees.  Time spent in these Alleys have also done wonders for my kids skiing, it has given them confidence, great balance and the ability to turn, stop and jump quickly while having tons of fun.  

Look for the kiosk at the top of the Silverlode lift.  We love the Metal Man sculpture and the explanations about the resort’s commitment to wind and solar power as viable energy alternatives.  At this location you will find solar panels and a working wind turbine that generates enough energy annually to power a house for five years!

If you are interested in the steps Park City Mountain Resort is taking to help Save Our Snow they explain about it HERE. Maggie and I spent some time talking about what we can do to help the environment as we rode up the lifts together.  Most of the time, I must admit, was spent looking for Snowbugs. 

When you are out and about on your adventure remember to snap a photo to show the host in the EcoZone building.  The EcoZone is located in the main plaza next to the big Eagle Statue.  The host will reward your little one with a well earned treasure.  Have fun!


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Comment posted by Kristen on March 8, 2012 2:22 PM MST

We LOVE the Snowbugs! Can't wait to get there next week. Will be sooo fun when my 4 year old can hit the Advenure Alleys!

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