Feeling Like A Princess at Park City Mountain Resort

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by Guest Blogger on January 24, 2013

While many resorts are jockeying for position atop the leader board for most family-friendly resort, Park City Mountain Resort is remaining heads and shoulders above the rest. The ski industry often spends countless hours and millions of dollars improving food service, upgrading lifts, grooming slopes, and so much more. Park City Mountain Resort does all of these in establishing it as a winter wonderland for kids.

Park City Mountain resort has an extensive collection of amenities, restaurants, lodging, and alternative recreational options to entertain and satiate the entire family are amazing. While on the slopes the entire family has affordable access to a fantastic ski school, a variety of terrain options (from excellent beginner to technical advanced). As a father of a toddler, I have especially appreciated the extremely accessible terrain and slope angles for my 3-year-old and the recently added Magic Carpet and the excellent First Time lift. When the little ones improve they can expand their horizons while still maintaining great slope angles on other lifts such as Pay Day and Bonanza. As they start moving around the resort, the PCMR team has added other features such as the Snowbugs, which additionally lead to developing skills on slightly more difficult tree skiing.

The community development and expertise of the Snowmamas has supplemented this experience with countless personal testimonies and recommendations, which make the collective family experience exceptional.

All of these have helped make the experience for my little girl exuberating. However, what the team at Park City Mountain Resort has also done to make the experience is hire and develops an excellent staff who care for the users. Let me expound on this by describing my experience on a recent Sunday at PCMR for just a mere few hours.

After arriving at the resort at 1p.m. on a Sunday afternoon, I pulled up and found front-row parking. While my little girl was still waking up and putting on her gloves and helmet, I realized I had forgotten her pass. Fortunately, the gentleman at the pass line gave me a new day pass for her and with excitement in his voice he charged us to have a fun and fantastic day, which we would. Making the short walk up to First Time we were greeted by Kimberly, a middle-aged woman who would happily greet everyone individually as I watched her amenable interactions with all of the patrons. She promptly asked if I would like some help getting my little girl to the gates. Making small talk she relaxed my normally nervous toddler with her soothing tones and jovial attitude.

Once through the gate, another lift operator helped escort my daughter to the front of the lift line. Wishing us well and waving us off on our journey, my daughter looked over at me and exclaimed that the people here treated her like a princess. I agreed and asked where her tiara was. Without fail this occurred every time on every lift. In fact, after skiing for a few hours, we decided to cool down on the Magic Carpet, where after each successive climb she was greeted by a dancing lift operator who would high five her and compliment her on her cute pink coat.

Here is where I have arrived at the conclusion: Park City Mountain Resort not only has the amenities and tangibles to make it a world-class family resort. But it has the people, like Kimberly, who make your experience and you feel like a world-class person.

Thanks PCMR for making my little girl’s day and by default mine also. PCMR: Where my little girl felt like a princess, and I like a king.

Guest Snowpapa Pete Stoughton is a local Park City teacher. As a teacher, coach, mentor, outdoor guide, and now father, he is passionate about sharing his adventures with others.


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