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Posted by Emma on January 29, 2013

Silver King Coffee
I think in a past life I may have been a goat.

This only became apparent to me when researching this post trying to find some interesting information about coffee to share with you.

Legend has it that in about 800 AD Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, noticed his goats dancing around a shrub with bright red berries. Kaldi deduced that these berries were causing strange but fun behaviour in his goats, so decided to try them for himself. Kaldi then experienced one of the world’s first known caffeine buzzes as those berries contained what we know as coffee beans.

My love for coffee has grown over the years and I am always on the look out for the perfect brew. Us Aussies are also particularly hard to please – we are not huge consumers/lovers of drip coffee and in fact are one of the largest consumers per capita of espresso style coffees in the world.

Luckily, Park City has some great choices for goats…oops I mean caffeine lovers like me. Here are my regular haunts that can be relied upon to make a great Aussie style Café Latte:

1. Silver King Coffee -1409 Kearns Boulevard, Park City (435) 214-7759 Hours: Daily 6am – 5:30pm

Drive thru coffee? A true novelty for an Australian. Drive thru consistently good coffee? Heaven. For those who drive to the mountain and need a coffee fix on the way Silver King is the go to. Great coffee, I love the chocolate-coated coffee bean they serve on top and the fact you can stay warm and comfortable in your car while they are making your brew. They also provide a regular coffee card that gives you a free coffee after every 12 you purchase –you’ve got be happy about that!

2. Silver Star Café – 1825 Three Kings Drive, Park City
(435) 655-3456 Hours: Daily 8am – 9pm

Silver Star Cafe

I feel for Jeff the owner of Silver Star when a group of opinionated Aussies descend upon his café. He has been very accommodating to us for the past 2 seasons and this season is no different. He aims to please and is happy for feedback regarding his coffee. He makes a mean Aussie latte and what’s more you can walk 20 steps and be sitting on the Silver Star chair lift with your takeaway in your mitt - a great way to start a powder morning. However, if you would like to sit in and enjoy your brew the Silver Star Café has a lovely warm ambience and a great menu to boot.

3. Atticus Coffee Teahouse and Books – 738 Main Street, Park City (435) 214-7241 Hours: Daily 7am – 7pm

Atticus Coffee Teahouse Books

If you find yourself on or near Main St then this quirky little bookshop café is a great place to visit. Not only do they make a great latte, they have a huge range of teas including chai to please the non – coffee drinkers out there. As the name suggests they also have a range of new and used books for sale along with lovely greetings cards, gifts and other nik naks you may find your self purchasing – just because!

4. Mid–Mountain Lodge – Park City Mountain Resort
(435) 649-8111 Hours: Daily 9am – 3:30pm

Last week I heard a rumour from another Australian in town. Rumour being there is a real Australian barista working at Mid-Mountain lodge who knows how to make the perfect latte. I went to investigate. Her name is Hannah; she has gorgeous red hair and makes each cup of coffee with passion! Not only is she Australian but she is from Melbourne – the home of great Australian coffee -which makes this find even better! If you see her behind the machine at mid-mountain, do yourself a favour and order one of her coffees. You won’t be disappointed.


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