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Posted by Emma on January 17, 2013

Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival is a great time to be in Park City. Although accommodations are usually pretty expensive due to the high demand there are some pretty good reasons to visit Park City during this time.

A lot of visitors during this time come to Park City to watch films. Which means if you come here to ski you will find you have the mountain pretty much to yourself. For the past two years the opening weekend of Sundance has also been the start of a big storm that has dropped lots of fresh powder all around town. So if you like the thought of fresh snow and not too many people to share it with on the mountain then Sundance is a great time for you!

Of course, as much as you will enjoy the mountain during this time, you should also make an effort to get to see at least one film that is showing. We were lucky enough last year to be given tickets to an Australian film that premiered on opening night. Not only was it a great film but we were totally surprised when the actors, director, writer and film maker all came up to the front of the theatre and talked to the audience about their experience making the film. They talked for half an hour or so answering questions from the crowd. It was such a blast.

Don’t stress though if you have not got your tickets as there are ways to secure tickets right up until the last minute before each film starts. Each morning of the festival at 8 a.m., the Main Box Offices in Park City and Salt Lake City release a limited number of tickets to that day's screenings. Tickets for each theatre's first screening of the day are released at 8 a.m. the day before. Day-of-Show tickets must be purchased in-person; they are not available by phone or online.

 Alternatively, turn up to the venue two hours prior to the screening of the film you want to see and get your self a wait list number. Here you can hang out with other film lovers and if you are lucky you may find yourself with the entry ticket to the film that you so desperately wanted to see. For further information about all things Sundance go to their website

 When an event the size of Sundance comes to a small town like Park City there a few things that you should keep in the back of your mind when navigating your way around town during this time. Firstly the traffic on Main Street and around the film venues can be CRAZY! If you are heading to an event or just wanting to go up Main Street for a sticky beak allow your self an extra 15 – 30 minutes to get there. Main Street can look a bit like a car park at most times during Sundance.

 Secondly, if you were thinking you would like to head out to a restaurant for dinner or a night on the town try to make a reservation in advance. Most restaurants run late and cater to the numbers in town but it is pretty hard to get a table at short notice. This is a good time to explore the dining options down at Kimball Junction – there is a lot to choose from and it is nice to try somewhere new.

 Lastly, the Salt Lake City airport is crazy busy during this time. Leave some extra time to get to the airport and checked in if you are flying home during this time.

 Sundance is an exciting time to be in Park City. There is a real buzz in the air and some great entertainment to be had. So if you are lucky enough to be a part of it, remember you can have a great time both on and off the mountain! You may even ride a chairlift with someone famous....


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Comment posted by Kristen on January 17, 2013 9:19 PM MST

Great rundown! I'm excited to catch a few movies this week!

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Comment posted by J.D. Cronin on January 17, 2013 7:30 AM MST

Nice summary of a great time to be in PC..nicely done Emma!

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