Don't ski? Then what's in it for me?

Posted by Emma on November 25, 2013


Alpine Coaster

Are you the only one in your family who doesn’t like to ski? The kids love it, as does your better half, but it is just not for you. You have tried and you can see what a great time the rest of the family has - but try as you might, it is just not your gig.

I have some good news for you. Park City would have to be one of the best ski resort towns for you and your family to visit. There are plenty of things to keep you busy during the day but more importantly plenty of ways for you to still be involved with your family during and after a day on the slopes. 

I would recommend that on one of your days you arrange to meet up with your skiers at the base of town lift for lunch. You can watch them ski down the run and over the bridge and then all meet for a nice lunch before they head out again for the afternoon. There are loads of dining choices around the town lift for lunch. My kids love Davanza’s for their student special - slice of pizza, fries and soda for $6 (prices subject to change). They are also happy with some Sushi from Flying Sumo and we have been known to ski in to The Bridge for a great late breakfast at 11am and call it brunch. This could be the perfect meet up on a day you spend wandering up and down historic Main St enjoying the great boutiques and galleries dotted all along. A visit to the Park City Museum is also recommended.

You have to meet up one afternoon with your family and all ride the Alpine Coaster. Rug up with a beanie, scarf and gloves and have the ride of your life. I was so surprised by how much fun we all had riding the coaster. Most fun was had when we left the kids in charge of the speed – boy do they know how to put the pedal to the medal! 

Gorgoza Tubing park is another fun activity you can all do together. Better still it is open until 8pm so there is plenty of time to head out there after the ski day is over. This too is a huge blast for the whole family – particularly when you connect as many of the tubes together as you can and you all fly down as one big connected family. The laughter is so good for your soul. 

There is also the Outdoor Ice Rink found at the Park City Mountain Resort. This is another great activity that can be done together, after a day of skiing. The best part about this is that you don’t have to go anywhere else and you don’t need to bring any other clothing. Swap the ski boots for ice skates and you are good to go!

So while the family are all on the slopes what else can you be doing?

If you want to have a day of activity you could always contact White Pine Touring. These guys offer all sorts of tours and lessons in snowshoeing, cross country skiing and hiking which are all lovely ways to be outside, get the heart rate up and to see parts of Park City that you normally would not.  

There should also be a day of pampering and fortunately there are loads of options to be found in Park City. From the full day spa experience found at the Golden Door Spa - Waldorf Astoria, to a Very Kneady 90 minute massage at Knead a Massage. There is no doubt you are spoilt for choice in Park City when it comes to pampering and relaxation. 

Lastly, I would recommend a visit to the Olympic Park. You can do a tour of the facility which hosted many events in the 2002 Winter Olympics, visit the two museums and even if you dare take a bobsled ride with a qualified instructor! I have yet to take that plunge but please don’t let that stop you! I hear it is a wild ride!

I hope I have helped shed some light on the fact that even if you don’t ski a holiday in Park City has plenty in it for you! 


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