A powder addiction!

Posted by Emma on March 20, 2013

Fresh tracks

My first ever experience of skiing powder was when we were in Steamboat Springs in 2008. We were holidaying there for 3 weeks and there happened to be a few other families we knew holidaying at the same time. These friends of ours, in my eyes, were “hard core” snowboarders.  

I remember being at their house for a BBQ dinner the night a big storm was expected to roll through. The men kept the weather channel on the television, constantly tracking the storm. Their wives were moaning that it was their husbands turn to “press glass” in the morning. This was some kind of ritual I had never experienced before. I felt out of place. 

I was quietly happy that it was the men’s turn to “press glass” as I had no idea what “pressing glass” was. Actually, I was silently terrified of powder. I hated the stuff, couldn’t ski it to save myself. Give me a groomer any day!

My, oh my, how a few good powder days can change your perspective. I am not sure when the exact moment came that transformed me into a powder lover but I am certain that the 2010/2011 season we spent here in Park City was the season that helped get me to this point. 

I am now the one tracking the storm. I feel the excitement of a storm brewing. I will it to snow as much as possible. I do whatever it takes to be on the first chair, to get as many fresh tracks as possible. I have even started to believe in the old saying “no friends on a powder day." Not totally true, but my friends do need to love the powder as much as I do! 

Why the change? It took a while, but eventually I felt comfortable skiing powder. I realized that to slow down you just head for the fresh stuff (my husband was right after all). I learned that if it is really deep you don’t need to be worried about picking up too much speed as the powder slows you down naturally (my husband was right again). A good pair of powder skis certainly helped along the way. 

I fell in love with the feeling of floating on air, the unbelievable feeling of bouncing your way down the hill, from pillow top to pillow top. The amazing happiness vibes floating in the air on a powder day. The woo hoo’s, the yee ha’s, the hootin’ and hollerin’. The smiles on all the faces. It is the biggest buzz to be a part of all that.  

It is simply magical! 


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