5 Must-have Items on the Slopes

Posted by Emma on November 4, 2013

In need of a tissue!

Before I head out the door to hit the slopes for the day there is always a minute or so where I do the check of all the things I will need that day. There are five items I never leave the house without. I know that to most of you these will feel probably kind of obvious – but my day is never the same if one or more of these items is not tucked away in my jacket somewhere:

  1. Mobile Phone: I never leave to go anywhere without my mobile phone. It is one of the first jobs to do when we arrive back in Park City. I can not relax if I am not contactable while I am on the mountain. This is particularly so when I know my four kids are all doing their own programs spending all day on the mountain and very rarely do any of us cross paths. We also make sure that when we are skiing that all of the kids have their own cheap little pre-paid mobile phone. They can contact us and we can contact them. Peace of mind all over. Better still for most of us our mobile phones can also double up as our camera alleviating the need to carry another bulky item around all day. Happy snaps are a must on any ski holiday and the new smart phones makes taking them so easy.
  2. Money: I always have my credit or debit card and some cash on me. I never know when I will have to splurge and buy a new beanie, pair of skis or hot chocolate for all my kids. I would recommend, however, that you keep your cash and cards in a pocket that only gets opened when you need to use your money. I have in the past had my cash and cards in a pocket with tissues etc. and whilst on a chairlift, trying to get a tissue for my nose, dropped all cash and cards, never to be seen again! 
  3. Tissues: It seems to me, no matter what, I will always want a tissue for myself or my children at some stage during every ski day. The cold air, the wind, the sniffles, what ever is the cause, there is nothing worse than not having a tissue. Most of the chairlifts have boxes of tissues at the entry to the lift line but I am great at skiing straight past these. They are also usually the rough and tough variety. So if you are a wimp like me and appreciate a soft tissue for your nose, pack a few in your pockets before you head out.
  4. Sunscreen: the sun is harsh out there, even when it is hiding behind the clouds. Coming from Australia it is drilled into us to slop on sunscreen every day. I will admit that the worst sunburn my family all have had has been while we have been skiing.  So we make sure we have sunscreen on before we head out and I always carry a small tube so we can reapply at lunch-time. 
  5. Lip balm: this may be a personal thing but I can’t stand having dry lips. I find that the cold combined with the wind makes it impossible NOT to have dry lips while I am skiing. So I never leave with out my lip balm in a pocket. Easy to access and apply while on a chairlift if need be.

 As I said above, there is no rocket science here. I keep it simple, give each piece its own pocket and know I am well set up for a great day on the slopes.


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Comment posted by Pam at Triple Threat Mommy on November 13, 2013 9:24 PM MST

Sunscreen and lipbalm are a must, but tissues is a good one! Have to remember that one.

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