Traveling as a Single Parent

Posted by Eileen on December 8, 2010

Look around. You’ve got lots of company. Single moms and dads are traveling everywhere with their kids, especially to snow resorts. Many are divorced or widowed. Others were never married. A growing number of married parents find they can’t get away at the same time, while others opt to share a getaway, like to a ski resort, that they enjoy but their partner doesn’t. Such getaways can be rewarding, with precious one-on-one time. They can also be exhausting and a challenge, especially for those single, divorced parents. Here’s how to keep your sanity - and have some fun.

Single Dad (single-dad)

  • LEAVE THE TENSION AT HOME if you’re fighting with your ex. It’s hard for the kids to relax and have a good time if they’re worried about their other parent.
  • JOIN FORCES with another family that has children similar ages or relatives. The kids will have built-in playmates but just as important, you’ll get a break—and some adult company.
  • TREAT HOMESICKNESS by encouraging the kids to call home as often as they like.
  • LOOK FOR OTHER KIDS at the hotel pool, at ski school so that you’re not required to be your child’s playmate 24/7. Encourage your kids to join the organized resort program for a morning or an afternoon so that they can make some friends—and you get a break.
  • ENCOURAGE INPUT from the kids. That’s especially important for parents who may live far from their children and don’t see them for months at a stretch. Kids change so fast they may have different interests than during the last visit.
  • SHARE A PASSION with the kids by introducing them to the snow or mountain sports you love. Learn a new sport together.
  • STOP TRYING SO HARD to keep everyone happy every minute. The kids need down time. So do you. That’s when some of the best conversations happen.
  • KEEP EXPECTATIONS REALISTIC and acknowledge you’re not going to become the family of your dreams in five days nor will the vacation, no matter how well planned, go off without a hitch. The kids will whine. It will rain.

And you’ll still come home smiling.


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Comment posted by Kim on December 23, 2012 3:58 PM MST

Hi. I'm traveling to Park City with my children Jan 6-11. I am travelling with friends but will be skiing mostly alone due to difference in skill level, etc. I'm wondering if there is a good way to find other men/women also looking to NOT ski alone the whole trip? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

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