Heidi Voelker: Pro Snowmama Shares Her Story

Posted by Eileen on January 26, 2011

HEIDI VOELKER is a three-time Olympian and 12-year member of the United States Ski Team. She’s Deer Valley’s Ambassador of Skiing and mom to Lucas, 8, and Stefan, 5, who now ski on Park City Mountain Resort Ski Teams.

heidi-voelker (heidi-voelker)
Photo courtesy of Deer Valley Resort

“I started skiing when I was two. My dad used to tie a rope around me! I was the youngest of four kids. I first started racing at 10 but I was never was top dog.  I guess when I was named to the U.S. Ski Team at 16 did I realize I had potential!

Now that I’m a “Snowmama” I do have new appreciation for my parents’ efforts on my behalf. I remind my kids, though, that they have it so good. I never grew up in a ski town that had three different mountains to choose from to ski!

If you are taking your kids to the slopes for the first time: Take advantage of the ski school kids’ programs and get them on skis early, even if its at the base where they are just walking around on the skis for the first time—on a sunny day of course! Use the drop off and pick up areas too. That way you don’t have such a long walk with them and their equipment.

What I love most about skiing with my children is being able to ski with them. I follow them all over the mountain to see their faces beam when they make a jump or go through the Nastar race course and win a medal. I love listening to their stories about what was their favorite part of the day! “


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