Getting More Bang For Your Summer Vacation Buck

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by Eileen on July 17, 2014

Think tropical beaches, gigantic pools and frothy fruit drinks. Think luxurious mountain ski resorts. No, they’re not going to bust your vacation budget.

summer-savings (summer-savings)

You can get more bang for your vacation buck than you thought as long as you plan smart. Here’s how:

  •  HEAD TO THE HILLS to a ski resort in Utah, Colorado and Vermont, in summer where there’s plenty to do mountain biking, hiking and rafting -- and hotels and condos are steeply discounted. You’ll find just as significant savings at upscale Arizona, Florida and Caribbean resorts that you couldn’t afford in winter. So what if it’s a little warm when the kids are having so much fun on the water slides.
  • JOIN FORCES with another family and split costs on a vacation condo. The kids will have playmates and you’ll get a reprieve from constant childcare.
  • EAT IN at least for breakfast. You’ll save even more if you plan picnic lunches on the beach or suppers you barbeque at the condo. The kids can play rather than sit still in a restaurant and you can linger over that second beer or glass of wine.
  • CLIP COUPONS but on the web for everything from discounted theme park tickets to reduced hotel rates. Start with the website for the areas you plan to visit and link to the attractions. Don’t forget to use discounts from your motor club, company or AARP.
  • DON’T BE SHY about asking for a better rate from a hotel or a resort. If you’re going to spend several nights there, call and talk to the manager. If they’ve got a lot of space, they may upgrade your room or offer a sweeter deal. Ask about free breakfasts, free meals for the kids and discounts on a second room. You may be surprised with what you can get.
  • SAVE YOUR PENNIES, NICKELS AND DIMES before the trip -- literally. After a few months, all that loose change can add up to several hundred dollars, enough for souvenirs or a couple of dinners.

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