TripAdvisor Survey Reveals Growth Spurt in Family Travel

Posted by Eileen on March 27, 2010

alpine slideSo how does it feel that your kids are better traveled than you ever were?
According to a new Family Travel Survey from TripAdvisor, 75 percent of travelers’ children have visited more than six states, compared to just 37% of their parents by the same age.
Tell the kids this fact when you are on your way to this summer’s vacation. According to the survey, the vast majority of of us travelers with kids—92 percent-- are planning at least one vacation this year, up from last year.  And 75 percent plan to spend as much as they did last year or more.
Of course the best part of vacations, 48 percent of family travelers say, is the time together. All the more reason to get away to a place like Park City where you can unplug and hike, fish, mountain bike and just spend some fun time together. When was the last time you flew down an Alpine Slide screaming at the top of your lungs?
We’re not surprised that families would prefer not to fly, though we have to say it is a straight, non-stop shot from major airports across the country to Salt Lake City. 44 percent of parents maintain that airplanes are the most stressful mode of transport.  Can you blame them when a third of travelers surveyed say they’d shell out for a seat in a child-free section of the plane!       

I’ve been on both sides. There’s nothing worse than a screaming baby on a plane, whether he’s yours or sitting in the seat behind you.
I  think we’ve all just got to have patience. Travel—especially air travel—is tough no matter what your age. If you are the parent with the baby who won’t stop crying, take a deap breath and calm down. If you are upset, the baby will be upset too.  And if you are that person in the seat in front of that baby, take a deep breath too—and put on your headphones. 


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