What to feed the kids for a day on the mountain.

Posted by Donna on February 15, 2013

Being up on the mountain all day can speed up your metabolism and make you very hungry, so make sure you do a little preplanning about what meals and snacks your family will need prior to skiing. When kids are outside in the cold all day and learning how to ski they will be burning up those calories so they need to eat food that is going to "stick" with them for awhile.

After sleeping for 8-10 hours kids will need a good breakfast, so this is a very important meal not to skip out on. Also, don't feed them cereals high in sugar prior to ski school or going out on mountain with the family because they will burn it off quickly and then be hungry very soon. Some suggestions for breakfast could be oatmeal, fruit, eggs & bacon, cottage cheese, or even a breakfast taco suggested by Snowmama Maggie or a McMuffin mentioned by Snowmama Lisa.


Trail Mix

Snacks are a very important part of the day. Whether you just stop for some hot cocoa or an apple and relax for 30 minutes that can make a huge difference in the day of your child. Most snacks should be able to just fit in your jacket pocket so they are still convenient and not taking up to much room. There are several restaurants located on the mountain which also provide quick pick me ups if it's not quite lunch time yet but here are few suggestions for snacks that are easy to make or bring with you.

My whole family loves trail mix so this is something easy for me to whip up and give everyone their own little baggy full. Here are the basics to add for a great trail mix. It could include nuts, seeds, cereal, crackers/ pretzels, dried fruit and something sweet. So mix it all up in a bowl and then you are set. You can also make it custom for kids or adults by adding some of these. 

  • For Kids you could add- goldfish, chocolate chips, pretzels, nuts, Captain Crunch cereal, Oh's cereal, dried fruit (cherries, cranberries, pineapples, or bananas), Cheerios, and M&M's. 
  • For Adults- add flavors that you like such as pistachios, almonds, yogurt covered raisins and chocolate chips or M&M's. 

Other snacks that work well might include a candy bar, fruit snacks, apples, or granola bars. Keeping them hydrated will also help them feel satisfied while skiing. So be prepared that the kids will need a little something every couple of hours to keep them going til quittin time and a little planning ahead will help prevent stomachaches, headaches, and meltdowns. 


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