PCMR's on-mountain waffles prove they're not just for breakfast anymore!

Posted by Donna on April 10, 2013


Who says waffles are just a breakfast food? When I think about these yummy waffles I never thought of them as a snack food or filling enough to be considered a lunch but at some ski resorts, waffles on the mountain are all the craze. The waffles I’m talking about are homemade and thick like a Belgium waffle but then with an added bit of sweetness and a soft sugary crunch that just makes my taste buds go wild just thinking about them.

My first on-mountain waffle experience was on the east coast with a hot glass of apple cider sitting at the base of the mountain waiting for my husband to finish his last couple of runs. My oldest child, who was only 4 at the time, really thought these waffles were the best thing she had ever eaten and she couldn’t believe I was actually letting her eat one before dinner. Little to her knowledge I was actually trying to keep her content for a few hours until we could figure out dinner plans and this waffle did the trick. She talked about how wonderful they were to Daddy and anyone else that would listen. She even mentioned that the waffle was one of her favorite things about our ski trip. Kids are so easy to please sometimes.

Well when we started to come to Park City the one thing we wished for on the mountain was this delicious waffle to snack on in the afternoon. Something to satisfy that sweet and carb craving that we tend to get after burning so many calories from skiing all day. We dreamed of a place that was easy to ski up to and just grab a waffle and be able to sit for a few moments while we gathered our thoughts to finish up the day of skiing.

Lo and behold my dream has come true because at the beginning of this ski season the Berghaus Waffel has arrived with their sugary sweet and tasty waffle. There is even an option to add fruit and/or whipped cream to this deliciousness. Of course, I say bring it on and top it off with whatever they think is good. I had the joy of meeting the owners and they were so excited to get this ski season going so they could also heat up the grill for some burgers and Brauts; which are served during lunchtime.

They are located on the deck of Snowed Inn at the top of First Time Lift and Turtle Trail. You can see updates about this wonderful local treat here on facebook and sometimes they even offer a discount so keep checking back so you don’t miss out on this.  I can’t wait for all my kids to enjoy this treat on the mountain this year and let’s put this in our snow memories as one of the best things on the mountain.


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